We Protect Consumers from Fraud and Illegal Practices

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Consumer Action Law Group is a top consumer law firm in Los Angeles, California. Our attorneys help people who are involved in disputes with banks, credit card companies, car dealers, employers, and insurance companies. Our lawyers are able to help if you are going through foreclosure, job loss, having difficulty paying your credit card or medical bills, or feeling the sting of a car purchase that left you feeling ripped off.

Our bankruptcy lawyers are very experienced with filing bankruptcy to help consumers wipe out credit card debt and medical bills. Our foreclosure attorneys have a track record of success to sue mortgage lenders and stop foreclosure sales. Our auto fraud attorneys sue car dealers to help car buyers get their money back and get out of bad contracts with high interest rates. Our employment lawyers will Sue employers to recover wages if you were fired or laid off because of discrimination or hostile work conditions.

Our Auto Fraud Attorneys Sue Car Dealerships Who Rip Off Car Buyers

If you have been ripped off by a car dealer, our auto fraud attorney will file a lawsuit to get your money back and/or cancel your contract. Our auto fraud lawyer takes the time to research your case and will sue your car dealer for selling a car with frame damage, selling a car for more than the advertised price, charging predatory (high) interest rates, and not disclosing engine problems that needed repair at the time of the purchase. Our attorneys sue car dealerships on behalf of our clients on a contingency fee.

Our Bankruptcy Attorney Will Eliminate Your Debt

Our Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney can stop a foreclosure, eliminate debt, stop collections, stop wage garnishment, stop the eviction process, and get rid of old IRS debt as well as judgments. Most people file Chapter 7 bankruptcy to get rid of credit card debt and medical bills and are surprised to learn that the benefits of filing extend far beyond wiping out debt.

Our Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney can immediately stop your foreclosure, eliminate your debt, stop collections, and eliminate [strip] a second lien [HELOC] if possible. Filing a Chapter 13 is usually the best way to stop foreclosure and save your home, as long as you can afford to keep paying the mortgage and get caught up on missed mortgage payments.

Our bankruptcy lawyer will take the time to explain the process, our low fees make it possible for most people to file and get a fresh start. Filing bankruptcy is usually a great step towards rebuilding credit. We dispel the myths of bankruptcy being a bad thing; it is a legal remedy that helps people to get their personal finances under control.  In case you were wondering, here is the difference between Chapter 7 vs. Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Our Mortgage Attorneys Sue Mortgage Lenders

Our mortgage attorneys sue mortgage lenders for illegal foreclosure practices and wrongful foreclosure. Our mortgage attorney will take the time to research your case and look for common illegal practices such as Dual tracking, Negligence, and Estoppel.

Common Illegal/Wrongful Foreclosure Practices

  • Dual tracking the lender is reviewing your request for a modification or short sale while simultaneously moving forward with a foreclosure.
  • Negligence the lender makes mistakes, or lose your documents, or does not give you any response after you call, fax and email asking for help.
  • Estoppel – the lender makes a promise and you rely on that promise.

Our mortgage fraud attorney will file a lawsuit against your lender if they lied to you or started the foreclosure process in direct violation of California’s homeowner bill of rights [SB900] which protects borrowers from an illegal foreclosure.

Our Foreclosure Attorney Will Stop Your Foreclosure Sale

Our foreclosure attorney stops home foreclosures every day. We file bankruptcies and lawsuits depending on your case and claim. We stop foreclosure when the homeowner receives a Notice of Default or a Notice of Trustee Sale. Our foreclosure lawyers work in both state and federal courts. We get court orders to stop foreclosure and we know how to stop foreclosure no matter how late in the process or how close to the time of sale. When our lawyers stop your foreclosure, we give you options to save your home and get back on your feet financially; or to take time to sell your home on your terms, without the undue pressure of a foreclosure auction.

Our Real Estate Attorney Will Recover Surplus Funds after a Foreclosure Sale

Our real estate attorney will help you to quickly recover any funds that are rightfully yours after losing your home in foreclosure. Our real estate lawyer will file a claim with the court and make sure that you receive all funds that you are entitled to recover. Our attorney will research your case to let you know if you have a claim for wrongful foreclosure, or if there were any violations of the foreclosure laws. We will help you recover surplus funds after foreclosure as well as protecting your rights and stopping any illegal eviction proceedings.

Our Employment Lawyers Sue Employers For Illegal Employment Practices

Our employment lawyer fights for employee rights both on the job and after a wrongful termination. Our employment law attorney files lawsuits on behalf of employees who suffer from intimidation, harassment, unpaid overtime, and hostile work environment. Our employment lawyer will file a claim against your employer if they are trying to label you as an independent contractor instead of an employee or if they are discriminating against you for reasons such as age, gender, or sexual orientation. We also pursue claims for sexual harassment when employees are subject to comments and advances that are inappropriate.

Our employment law attorneys recover lost wages by filing a lawsuit. If your employer violated labor laws, our firm will pursue a claim for damages to compensate you.

File A Credit Dispute Or Credit Bureau Dispute with an FCRA Attorney

When you are looking to dispute credit report or file a credit dispute, it is highly recommended you seek an experienced FCRA Attorney to help you through the process.  There are many intricacies involved when dealing with credit reporting agencies, and a credit report disputing attorney will understand how to navigate the situation best.  Click here to learn for more information about filing a credit dispute.

How to Stop Robocalls for TCPA Violations with a TCPA Attorney

How do you stop robocalls? When you are receiving unwanted robocalls and want to make them stop, it is advised to contact a TCPA attorney. A TCPA attorney can help stop robocalls by filing a TCPA lawsuit against the person or group that is initiating the robocalls.

By taking legal action, you can turn robocalls into cash. Each robocalls that violate the law can be turned into cash that is rewarded to you. However, there are certain requirements that make the robocalls illegal. Speak with our TCPA attorneys today to see what documents you would need to take legal action.

Learn more about stopping robocalls by reading this article – TCPA Attorney for Unwanted Collection Calls and Automated Telemarketing Calls.