What Is a Foreclosure Auction?

If you are asking: “What is a foreclosure auction?” you should know that help is a phone call away, and it is always a good idea to talk to one of our foreclosure attorneys if you are in distress. A foreclosure auction is the final step in the foreclosure process when a property is sold to the highest bidder on the steps of the local courthouse.

In California, a bank foreclosure starts with a letter of default and it ends on the day and time of the auction. A foreclosed home is usually sold to a private party or an investor, but many times the bank will buy back the loan at the time of the auction. In Los Angeles, and throughout California, the lawyers at our law firm have been successful filing lawsuits to stop foreclosures.

If your home is scheduled to sell in a foreclosure auction, the best way to stop foreclosure sale is to hire our attorneys and go to court; we handle cases like this every day. Our law firm has a team of lawyers that helps homeowners to save their homes. The most common mistake for a person facing foreclosure is to rely on their lender to help them save their home. California has laws in place to make sure that lenders assist homeowners facing foreclosure before selling their homes in a foreclosure auction.

Many lenders violate the law in California to make sure that homeowners get help when they are facing foreclosure. Many lenders tell homeowners that they will help and they still move forward with a foreclosure. The best way to stop foreclosure is to either file a lawsuit or a bankruptcy. Either way, our attorneys are able to stop a foreclosure sale the same day that you call us. So it is really important to take action and make the call before it is too late!

Avoid a Foreclosure Auction

If you have fallen behind on your monthly mortgage payments, it is possible to avoid foreclosure and to make sure that your home is not sold in a foreclosure auction. The best way to stop a foreclosure auction is to talk to a lawyer before your sale date. If you need foreclosure assistance, the attorneys at our Los Angeles office will explain the foreclosure process to you in simple terms and give your practical advice for saving your home or any other options that might help you.

Save Your Home with Legal Help

For people who cannot afford to hire a foreclosure lawyer, we recommend options such as Save Your Home California and other legal services in Los Angeles County, Orange County, Ventura County and throughout California. The most important thing that you can do to avoid foreclosure is to pick up the phone and schedule a free meeting with a foreclosure lawyer at our firm today. If you need help, don’t hesitate to ask for one of the foreclosure attorneys at our law firm today.

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