Auto Fraud Lawyers Sue Car Dealers In Fraud Cases

For years, car dealers have been taking advantage of car buyers. Auto fraud is the term used when a dealer rips off a car buyer, whenever consumers are scammed out of their hard-earned money. More often than not, auto fraud goes unnoticed by the average consumer simply because it varies in degrees. From overcharging to knowingly selling a car that has serious mechanical issues without being upfront about them, auto fraud exists in varying forms.

Fortunately, California law protects consumers from scams and fraud through the enforcement of consumer laws and other statutes that holds auto dealers accountable. However, without the assistance of auto fraud lawyers, fighting with a dealership to get your money back can be an uphill battle.

Common Types of Auto Fraud

Some of the most common forms of fraud include “bait and switch” advertising, lying about prior accidents, hiding damage from the buyer, hiding mechanical problems, charging outrageously high interest rates through predatory loans, offering low trade-in estimates, and even failure to present the proper information in the buyer’s native language before a deal is closed. Sometimes the dealer calls the buyer after the car is sold, asking buyers to return and sign new contracts that bind them to higher interest rates or additional payments. Our auto fraud lawyers are well aware of these scams and can help you recover from your dealer to get your money back and get out of a bad contract.

Lawyers Fighting Car Dealership Fraud

Many consumers are not aware of dealership scams until long after they buy their car. Many buyers try to directly resolve issues with their dealer and later determine that they need a lawyer for car dealership scams that leave them frustrated and angry. Most dealership scams are forcefully resolved through the courts under the California consumer laws. If you have been ripped off by your car dealer, we are here to help as your lawyer for car dealership scams and fraud.

If you think you have a case, call us to talk to our auto fraud attorney today. We take the time to research your case for free and give you free legal advice. We usually take these auto fraud attorneys on a contingency.

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