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car dealer frauds

Car dealer frauds are very common among used car sellers. Being a victim of car dealership fraud is a frustrating experience which can also be expensive. The time and resources that you will have to spend fixing a defective car are often not worth it. Being aware of car dealer frauds helps consumers to protect themselves from becoming a victim of dealership scams. If you recently discovered that the used car that you purchased is defective, or your car dealership lied to you about prior accidents and damage, then it would be best to seek professional legal advice from a car attorney to help you with your case.

There are several used car dealers that lie to their customers and talk them into buying overpriced or defective vehicles just to make a sale. Fighting car dealership fraud can be a long and tough process, but filing a lawsuit is usually the only effective way that you can get your money back or avoid paying for any unnecessary fees, either for the extra repairs or other charges from the car dealership.

Common Types of Car Dealer Frauds

The most common type of car dealership fraud is a misrepresentation. Dishonest car dealers often hide the true condition of the vehicle from the buyer. Used car dealers who desperately want to make a profit will choose not to disclose prior accidents, which is illegal. The same is true when a dealer sells a car for more than the advertised price, also illegal. It is also illegal for a dealer to say that a car is in “great condition” when the car needs repairs.

Another common car dealer fraud to look out for is purchasing a lemon car. A car is a “lemon” if your car continues to show the same problem that is a serious safety issue after the dealer or manufacturer attempted to fix it multiple times. This means that the dealership has sold you a car in an unsafe condition. Some dealerships sell these dangerous cars even when they are aware of the car’s condition.

If any of these car dealer frauds have happened to you, contact our auto fraud attorneys right away. It’s not worth trying to solve the issue without an attorney’s help. Some cases are time-sensitive and require an attorney’s immediate attention.

Experienced Auto Fraud Attorney in Los Angeles

At Consumer Action Law Group, our experienced auto fraud attorney in Los Angeles has a very successful track record in car dealership fraud cases. Our firm represents car buyers against car dealerships that sell defective vehicles, failing to disclose the real condition of the car prior to the sale.

Car buyers have the right to know the complete history of the car and its actual mileage. Repairs, accidents, and defects are important in helping the buyer make an informed decision at the time of the purchase. If your dealer lied to you, call our experienced car dealer fraud lawyers today, we can help you fight your legal battle against car dealer fraud. The consultation is free. Call 818-254-8413.

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