Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Requirements

Bankruptcy in California is subject to the same laws whether you live in Los Angeles or any other city. Our Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys can help you file no matter where you live in California.
If you have Chapter 7 bankruptcy questions, you should call and talk to a lawyer at, schedule a free meeting to discuss your situation. You may have heard that there is a “Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Test” to see if you qualify. What that means is you cannot file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy if you make too much money.
If you need to know what is Chapter 7 bankruptcy and whether you qualify our lawyers will give you professional advice and tell you when to file if it makes sense for you. You should call and talk our lawyers to schedule a free meeting to discuss your situation and get the best advice before you make any decisions.

Who Can File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

If you are asking yourself “Can I file Chapter 7?” or “Should I file for Chapter 7” you should talk to a lawyer before deciding whether to file or not. We get a lot of calls from people who want to know if bankruptcy and foreclosure will hurt them. One of the benefits of bankruptcy is that filing will immediately stop a foreclosure sale. We file bankruptcies and stop foreclosure sales every day.
There are many benefits of filing bankruptcy. By filing either Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy you can eliminate debt, wipe out your credit cards, and stop collections and harassing phone calls. Filing bankruptcy can stop wage garnishment, it can stop auto repossessions, it can wipe out old IRS debt, and it can eliminate HELOC and 2nd liens on your home. You should call and talk the bankruptcy attorney in Los Angeles at Consumer Action Law Group about Bankruptcy requirements and schedule a free meeting to discuss your situation and get the best advice before you make any decisions about filing.

How to File Chapter 7

Filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be a very good decision for you. Our attorneys file bankruptcy throughout Southern California. Our offices are located in Glendale, near Los Angeles, Pasadena, and Burbank. Instead of filing bankruptcy yourself, it is always best to talk to one of our bankruptcy lawyers and get the best legal advice possible. Our chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys will not charge for a means test to see if you qualify. You should call to set up a meeting today, waiting could be the difference between saving or losing your home, car, or other assets.

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