Have You Been Fired or Forced to Quit Due to a Hostile Work Environment?

Everyone who has been unfortunate enough to work in a hostile work environment will tell you the same thing – it is traumatic. A hostile work environment dramatically decreases productivity and in some cases can even result in physical illness caused by the stress associated with the work environment.  Based on the California labor laws, all employees are protected from being fired or forced to quit due to a hostile workplace. Our employment attorneys can help you:

  • Keep your job or get it back after being wrongfully terminated by your employer for discrimination
  • Enforce your rights to a meeting with management, and place the employer on notice of harassment
  • Return to your employment after a disability leave, leave of absence, and other leaves.

Very often, people who try to stop discrimination or harassment in the workplace end up being terminated from employment because they are seen as troublemakers. This is illegal and an employer can be sued for wrongful termination of the employee.

You can sue an employer if this happened to you:

  • You have been fired because you were sick or forced to leave your job due to extraordinary stress
  • You have been taken, filed for, or requested disability leave, and then informed of your position being eliminated
  • You have complained of discrimination or harassment only to be terminated
  • You have been harassed, discriminated against, bullied, or suffered a cut in your hours because you complained about conditions in the office?

For those who may not know, a hostile work environment is a reference to the culture of the workplace and is concerned with discrimination and/or harassment in most cases. It is usually not a reference to the temperature or location of the work, but physical work conditions may be a factor.

There are many forms of discrimination in the workplace, not limited to skin color or race. There is sexual discrimination, age discrimination, sexual orientation discrimination, as well as discrimination based on ethnicity or religion. Similarly, there are different types of harassment beyond sexual harassment. Intimidation, bullying, threatening actions or speech are all considered harassment. These types of discrimination and harassment would constitute a hostile work environment.

If you feel that you or someone you know has been fired for illegal reasons, finding a wrongful termination lawyer or civil litigation lawyer should be your top priority.Sue Employer for Hostile Work

Consumer Action Law Group attorneys can help you sue your former employer and receive the compensation you are entitled to. Our wrongful termination attorneys have many years of experience and are dedicated to helping you take the actions needed for a successful wrongful termination lawsuit.

Our employment attorneys can also help those who have quit their job because of a hostile work environment. For some employees, the work environment becomes too much for them to deal with and they feel they have no choice other than to quit.

If this is the case, you may also qualify for unemployment compensation. If you file a claim for unemployment hostile work environment is a determining factor for the claim being approved, and our civil litigation lawyer will help to substantiate your claim.

If you meet the criteria, quitting your employment because of discrimination or harassment can be considered a constructive discharge and qualify you for full unemployment benefits. You may also be able to follow up with a lawsuit.

Both of the situations described above can be devastating to an individual and their family. Hiring our wrongful termination attorney will ensure that you receive fair and equitable compensation. Working in a hostile work environment is a miserable experience, but you can bring that to an end, even if it is after your employment with the company.

Contact us today to learn how our attorney can help you. We offer free consultation and process all related employment law suite at no cost to you.

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