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We understand how difficult it is to get caught back up with your mortgage payments when your mortgage lender keeps adding fees to your payment. After three months of missed payments on your mortgage, you could be pushed into the foreclosure process with the Notice of Default or Notice of Trustee Sale. If you are trying to stop your home from being foreclosed, contact our experienced foreclosure attorney at Consumer Action Law Group for a FREE legal consultation today.

Sue Your Mortgage Company

Should you sue your lender? There are many good reasons to enter into mortgage litigation against your mortgage company. Predatory lending practices, California Homeowners Bill of Rights Violations or illegal foreclosure are all valid reasons for filling a lawsuit against you lender. Suing your mortgage company can result in a principal reduction in your total balance, reduction in monthly payments, and potentially damages; depending on the circumstances of your case.

Keep Your Home

Our goal is to use every legal method possible to help you stop foreclosure and keep your home. The foreclosure attorneys in Los Angeles have been helping clients keep their homes, reduce their debt, and move forward from a very stressful situation. The first step is to contact our office to speak with our specialize foreclosure defense attorney and describe your situation so we can determine what options are available and is the best for you.


“Thank you for your assistance and working late to help me reorganize my finances problem and work out a payments plan to help me pay my debts. My home did not foreclose the following morning. Within less than 12 hours of our meeting the foreclosure process did not move forward.” – Paul B

“OCWEN told me to miss my payments and fall behind so that I would qualify for a loan modification. Then, they told me I did not qualify for a loan modification and start the foreclose process. Once I hired Consumer Action Law Group, they immediately helped me stop the foreclosure sale and save my house.” – Virginia S

About Consumer Action Law Group

Our attorneys are dedicated to help consumers in Southern California avoid foreclosure through aggressive and ethical legal means. The experienced team of real estate lawyers has been able to successfully file law suits against lenders in California that resulted in millions of dollars in principal reductions and manageable monthly payments. When we accept your case, we will successfully defense your home from being foreclosure.

Consumer Action Law group attorneys will applied the law to keep your home, prevent foreclosure and your right through expert representation and counsel. Our attorneys takes pride and provides best foreclosure defense option for homeowners throughout California

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