Foreclosure Fraud – We Sue Lenders for Fraudulent

Foreclosure FraudIf you are struggling to save your home from foreclosure and you are wondering if you should sue your lender for foreclosure fraud, the best thing to do is to call and speak with an experienced mortgage fraud lawyer who have sue lender for mortgage fraud. Our litigation attorneys will access your situation, and help you determine if filing a lawsuit against your lender is the best decision in your case.

If you want to stop foreclosure fraud it is possible to either file a bankruptcy or file a lawsuit, but the outcome may be very different. If you file a lawsuit, your mortgage interest rates may be negotiated, your upside down mortgage may be lowered, or your mortgage payments may be reduced.

Our Los Angeles law firm files lawsuits against lenders for mortgage fraud. If you have been denied for a home loan modification you may benefit from legal help. Mortgage attorney at our firm are dedicated to help homeowners throughout California to save their homes by filing both lawsuits against mortgage companies and filing bankruptcies that will stop the sale. We will sue mortgage company if we identify fraud issues with your contract. If you are trying to save your home, call us today to schedule a free consultation with our mortgage fraud attorney today.

We Stop Foreclosure Fraud

Consumer Action Law Group is a law firm that can give you the legal help that you need if you think that your lender committed lending fraud or has done something illegal to make it more difficult for you to pay your mortgage. We are seeing similar patterns when it comes to lenders taking advantage of borrowers; most of the big banks that we have filed cases against have told borrowers to fall behind on payments so that they can qualify for a modification.

Thankfully, there are new laws, covered under the California Homeowners Bill of Rights which provide homeowners in the state with more protection against foreclosure than ever before. Foreclosure fraud is an area of law that is complex and we are one of the few law firms dedicated to helping homeowners who want to save their home from foreclosure by filing a lawsuit against their lender. If your interest rates are too high because you entered into a predatory loan, or if you are facing foreclosure for any reason, you should seek help from a mortgage fraud lawyers who can give you the best legal advice for your situation.

Free Legal Consultation

Our mortgage foreclosure attorneys offer free legal consultations either face to face legal in the Glendale office, or over the phone. If you are looking for a litigation attorney in Los Angeles County or the surrounding area who can offer legal help, and eliminate debt and fight to keep your home, you should call one of our lawyers today.

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