Foreclosure Surplus Funds Attorneys Recover Money for Distressed Homeowners

Los Angeles, CA – May 8, 2019; Consumer Action Law Group helps homeowners to recover surplus funds after foreclosure.

foreclosure funds attorneysWhen a house is sold in a foreclosure sale, the owners of the house are legally entitled to receive all surplus fund leftover after the sale. The surplus money is calculated by subtracting the amount of loan outstanding at the time of sale from the amount of the selling price.

Many times, homeowners are not aware that they are entitled to receive money back after a foreclosure, or do not know how to claim their surplus money. To assist homeowners in recovering their surplus fund, foreclosure funds attorneys at Consumer Action Law Group have taken action to help the homeowners claim the excess money.

According to Pauliana Lara, attorney at Consumer Action Law Group, “homeowners who go through a foreclosure sale can call our firm to find out if they are owed any excess fund from the sale. In one of our cases, we were able to recover over $100,000 in excess foreclosure funds for our client. We strongly encourage any homeowners who went through a foreclosure sale to call for help immediately to find out if they are owed any foreclosure funds.”

Consumer Action Law Group’s attorneys perform extensive title research to make sure that no other liens or claims were filed. They file a claim with the trustee and court to recover the funds to make sure that they are able to have the surplus funds released as soon as possible. Their attorneys expedite the claim process to make sure that the funds come back as quickly as possible to send to the client.

Foreclosure surplus fund attorneys at Consumer Action Law Group advise homeowners to speak with an attorney to find out exactly how much surplus funds they are entitled to. A surplus attorney will know what kind of paperwork must be filled out, to whom they must be filed to, and which court they should be filed to in order to get the surplus fund recovery process started.

Consumer Action Law Group offers a free consultation for anyone who needs help to recover their surplus fund. Call 818-254-8413 for a free case evaluation.

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