If you are getting calls from automated dialers or from debt collectors – you can take action to stop the calls and make sure that any company that calls you will have to pay you if they don’t stop calling!

The Key is to Simply Say, “Do Not Call Me Anymore!”

Sue telemarketers - make more with phone calls

One example is Jeffery, who is a realtor that frequently shops at the GAP for his kids and his family. He has a credit card with the GAP and generally keeps up with his payments. However, last year Jeffrey had emergency surgery and fell behind on his bills. One such bill was an $1800 debt on his GAP card.

robocalls into cashThat’s when Jeffrey began receiving automated calls from the GAP on a weekly basis. He knew that he owed the debt, but while he was recovering these calls only contributed to his sense of distress, and did nothing to actually resolve the issue for either party. After ignoring most of the calls, Jeffrey decided to bypass the automation and speak with a human being. And once he got on the line with a representative, Jeffrey said these words: “Do not call me anymore.”  Then he hung up the phone.

Legally, the story should have ended right there. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) is a national law that was created to protect people like Jeffrey. According to this law, a company must have your expressly stated consent in order to call you – either at home or on your mobile device – for commercial purposes. Even if they have your consent, you can revoke it at any time. And once you do, it is illegal for them to make further calls.

The GAP should have stopped calling Jeffrey and should have stopped sending any additional collection notices by mail. But that’s not what happened. Instead, Jeffrey was continually receiving harassment calls for six more months, until he was finally able to pay off the debt. This should not happen to anyone.  The TCPA specifically restricts unwanted commercial contact through cell phones, residential phones, text messages, and fax. Companies who violate the TCPA are vulnerable to legal action.

Have you ever received a collection call for a debt you owe?

You do not deserve to be called, over and over, simply because you owe a debt. The law is on your side. So TAKE ACTION!! The next time you receive a call from a creditor, pick it up, get on the line with a representative, and tell them these magic words:  “Do not call me anymore.”

Find Out If You Have A Case – Turn Calls Into Cash

sue telemarketersThere are many forms of telemarketing fraud, and the best way to determine if you are a victim is by speaking with a lawyer who specializes in TCPA violations. We offer free consultations to all first-time callers in California. Our knowledgeable staff will take the time to analyze your situation, advise you on your options, and determine if legal action is warranted.

Turning robocalls into cash can be easy. There are certain documents that you will need in order to pursue your case on suing the robocallers. They are mainly call logs and the action of you telling the telemarketers, or debt collectors in some cases, to stop calling you. Each of these illegal robocalls can reward you at least $500 in damages, and up to $1,500 in some cases.

If you aren’t fully sure of what you should do or what the next steps should be, feel free to contact our office. We offer free consultation and can inform you if you might have a case or what your next steps are.

How to Make Money From Robocalls

To make money from robocalls, you will need to show evidence that you actually received the robocalls. Getting constant, spam robocalls can be frustrating but documenting evidence of the calls is important in order to prove it.

Here are some of the ways that you can document evidence for TCPA violations:

  • Save Your Phone Call Logs – Save a phone call log that shows the dates and times that you were receiving robocalls. You can obtain the log from your billing statements. Having a log showing the date and time of the robocalls will help your TCPA attorney turn robocalls into cash. You can contact your carrier to retrieve logs as well.
  • Record Incoming Robocalls – If you think or know that you’re getting a robocall, answer the phone. This should create a record of you answering a call which happens to be a robocall. Don’t forget to make note of the time, date, and the number of the call. You can also record the phone conversation to have proof of the robocall.

Every robocall that someone or a company makes to you after you tell them to stop is a violation of the TCPA. If you can prove these calls by showing proof, you can easily turn each robocall into cash.

Turn Robocalls Into Cash – Free Legal Consultation

free consultationJust because you owe money does not mean you deserve to be harassed. If you think you may be a victim of TCPA violation, call (818) 254-8413 to receive a free legal consultation today.  Our TCPA attorneys help consumers to take legal action when companies break the law!

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