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The difficult economy and job loss are factors that have a huge impact on the housing market, especially in many cities in California. Many unfavorable circumstances have put homeowners in a very tight financial situation

When financial constraints are too much, mortgage payments are often sacrificed to cover more pressing needs. Defaults in mortgage payments will prompt the lender to send out a notice of default to the borrower. If no prompt is taken to stop the lender, this will further progress into a foreclosure.

Hire a Foreclosure Attorney to Stop Real Estate Foreclosures

A foreclosure can be a tough battle that many homeowners have to fight. But there is no need to go into battle alone. Most homeowners only have some basic information about the laws that protect them from foreclosure. This is the reason why it is highly recommended that homeowners hire a mortgage foreclosure attorney to help them stop the foreclosure. The huge amount of documents and policies that govern real estate foreclosures can be too much for an average homeowner. Experienced real estate lawyers are familiar with the various foreclosure procedures and they can provide you with the most effective plan to help you save your home from being taken by your lender.

Real estate foreclosures happen every day however, there are many cases where the homeowners are unaware that they have had their rights violated. Various factors such as baiting borrowers with offers to modify their loans and moving forward with foreclosure at the same time, or failing to document communication with the borrower can be used against the lender. California courts have set standards that all lenders must follow regarding housing loans. However, there are some lenders that still take advantage of the average home buyers.

Let Our Real Estate Lawyer Help You

It is best to find a mortgage attorney who is familiar with the state housing laws and the real estate market in your area. Consumer Action Law Group is the premiere real estate lawyer San Diego residents turn to, and the top real estate lawyer Los Angeles residents rely on. We take cases throughout the entire State of California. Our team of highly experienced foreclosure lawyer is ready to help you stop foreclosure and save your home. Get in touch with one of our attorneys today and find out how to stop your foreclosure and how our legal services can help you.

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