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If you want to save your home and stop foreclosure fast, our home foreclosure attorney can stop foreclosure immediately and save your home from wrongful foreclosure. There are two court-ordered methods to stop foreclosure:

  1. Filing bankruptcy – You can file bankruptcy when you cannot keep up with your mortgage.
  2. Filing a lawsuit – You can file a lawsuit if you are facing wrongful foreclosure because of your lender.

When to Hire a Home Foreclosure Attorney to File Bankruptcy

home foreclosure attorneyA good way to stop foreclosure on your home is to hire a home foreclosure attorney to file bankruptcy for you. There are two types of bankruptcy that your attorneys can file: chapter 13 and chapter 7.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

A chapter 13 bankruptcy can stop foreclosure fast and give you more time to make payments on your home.

An advantage of a chapter 13 bankruptcy is that you can keep your home while you get more time to pay your debt. You can create a repayment plan that lasts 3-to-5 years. This period depends on your income and how much you owe.

Another benefit of filing a chapter 13 bankruptcy is that you do not have to fully repay your unsecured debts. Examples of unsecured debts are credit card or medical bills. You pay these debts with whatever income you have left after paying for your secure debts (payments on car or mortgage).

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

With chapter 7 bankruptcy, you can pay off your creditors, and it may eliminate your unsecured debt. Our attorney for foreclosure can help you with this by giving you legal advises throughout the bankruptcy process.

The benefit of chapter 7 is that at the end of the case, you are discharged debt-free (with exception to obligated debts like unpaid taxes or student loans).

To pay off your debt, the bankruptcy trustee, the person who is overseeing your case, can liquidate (sell) any nonexempt property to repay your creditors. Nonexempt properties are those that are not protected by the law for the trustee to claim. This means that the bankruptcy trustee determines the value of your property and decides if he or she wants to liquidate them. While you can lose your property in chapter 7, most people do not. It is more likely that you keep your property if you don’t have much to begin with.

By reaching out to our foreclosure attorneys, we can stop foreclosures fast.

When to Hire a Home Foreclosure Attorney to File a Lawsuit

home foreclosure lawyerYou should look for a mortgage fraud attorney to file a lawsuit for mortgage fraud if you are facing wrongful foreclosure because your lender has violated the California Homeowner Bill Of Rights.

When you are facing foreclosure, your lender should be talking with you to figure out the best option to save your home. However, some lenders can take advantage of your situation for themselves by not sharing the best options with you. In these situations, our Los Angeles foreclosure attorney can help file a lawsuit against the lender.

There are many types of mortgage fraud your lender can commit:

  • Lying to you about putting a hold on your foreclosure while you are being checked for modification
  • Sending you foreclosure notices when you have applied for a loan modification
  • Telling you bad advises on saving your home, such as telling you to not hire an attorney
  • Delaying your application process

Here is an example of a lender committing a mortgage fraud. Your lender could have told you that he or she has put a pause on your foreclosure when you are being checked for modification. When you are being reviewed for a modification, your lender cannot be moving forward with foreclosure. You can file a lawsuit against your lender for this kind of illegal activity.

If you are facing this type of mortgage fraud, call our foreclosure attorneys in California for free a consultation.

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Free Foreclosure AdviceWhether you are behind in payments and need a way to pay your mortgage or facing foreclosure because of mortgage fraud, our home foreclosure attorneys will help you save your home. We have dedicated foreclosure attorneys in California who can give you free consultations.

If you need help from an attorney to stop foreclosure, call us at 818-254-8413 to get free legal advice.  Talk to our home foreclosure attorney today. The consultation is FREE!

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