Our Identity Theft Attorneys Can Fix Your Credit Report Errors Caused By Identity Theft

Tired of dealing with credit report errors caused by identity theft? Our credit report attorneys can help! You may have an identity theft case on your hands if you see any of the following on your credit report:

  • Incorrect or incomplete personal information such as name, address, marital status, employment information
  • Incorrect credit information such as late payments that you have paid on time, closed accounts that are listed as open, delinquent account that is seven years or more old, accounts that incorrectly state you as a cosigner, etc.
  • Incorrect public record information such as lawsuits that you were not involved in, bankruptcies that you did not file, bankruptcies you filed more than ten years ago, tax or judgment liens that you paid but are listed as unpaid
  • Incorrect inquiry information such as inquiries that you did not authorize
  • Incorrect criminal records on the background check report such as felony, sexual assault, misdemeanors and arrests

If you notice any of the above or any other mistakes on your credit report, call us immediately for help. Any errors on your credit report can lead to a drop in your credit score and worse especially if someone stole your identity.

victim of identity theft


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