Do You Need an Auto Fraud Attorney?

We sue auto dealerships for illegal practices

Are You a Victim of Auto Fraud?

Millions of Americans become victims of auto fraud each and every year. People who are purchasing both new and used cars from dealerships have become prey to illegal lending practices, odometer fraud, deceptive reporting and other types of fraudulent actions. It’s nearly impossible for consumers to have a firm grasp on all of the laws when making their new vehicle purchase, but an experienced auto fraud attorney can help you determine if you have a case against your car dealer.

Sue the Car Dealership

If we determine that you are a victim of auto fraud, you should sue the dealer who sold you the car. In most auto fraud cases, the goal is to have the dealership take the car back from you at the original price, and award you any damages that you deserve. This will allow you to purchase a new car, and be fairly compensated for the time and effort you had put in to fight the fraudulent practices. If you think that you should sue the car dealership, we will offer you a free legal consultation today.

Hire an Auto Fraud Attorney

We want to make sure that you and your family are driving around in a safe vehicle at the right price. If our auto fraud lawyers determine that you have a case against your car dealer in your free legal consultation, then we will suggest that you hire us as your auto fraud attorney. Our law firm will represent you both in and out of the court to help you get the settlement and satisfaction that you deserve. You can schedule your free legal consultation by calling us right now.

“Writing to express my sincere appreciation for taking care of me and to let you know that you did a stellar job! Your bedside manner was refreshing. I received the check!” – Ric M., Auto Fraud Client

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