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Foreclosure Attorneys Working to Help You Keep Your Home

Stop Your Foreclosure

Are you behind on mortgage payments and facing foreclosure? The trusted Attorneys at Consumer Action Law Group have been helping homeowners stop foreclosure all across Los Angeles and Southern California for years. With years of experience, our foreclosure attorneys successfully used the law to help clients just like yourself lower their monthly payments and keep their home. Tell us your story so that we can do the same for you!

Save Your Home

We realize that your house has become a home, and that there are a number of different reasons why you want to stay put. The banks took advantage of a housing market that they knew was going to crash, and there are laws made specifically to protect homeowners like yourself from facing foreclosure. Our Foreclosure Attorneys have successfully used the law to help clients just like yourself save their home from both public and private lenders.

Lower Your Payments

Through loan modification programs and mortgage litigation, we have helped clients lower their monthly payments significantly, allowing them to avoid foreclosure and get back on the right financial track. Gone are the days when financial institutions could get away with foreclosing on someone’s home without a fight. The Foreclosure Attorneys of Los Angeles at Consumer Action Law Group are here to help you by any means available. Join our happy client list today!

“My home did not foreclosure the following morning. Within less than 12 hours of our meeting the foreclosure did not go forward.” – Paul B.

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