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Applied? Denied?

Most people who apply for a loan modification are denied by their mortgage lender. After months of putting your loan modification package together and finding every last piece of paperwork that is requested to submit, the odds are still against you for being approved. Often times the mortgage companies won’t tell you exactly why the loan mod application has been denied. Our Loan Modifications Attorneys know the ins and outs of how mortgage companies work, and why homeowners are typically denied assistance.

Reasons You Were Denied…

Most loan modifications are denied based on the homeowner having too much, or too little income. The mortgage companies review all financial documents, including past tax returns and current bank statements. It seems that many lenders do everything in their power to find a reason to deny a loan modification request. Just because you were denied for a home loan modification doesn’t mean that you don’t have other options to save your house from foreclosure. Lenders must now follow a strict set of new laws in order to legally foreclose on a home.

Know Your Rights

In many cases, our clients find that their lender has engaged in illegal practices, and that by suing their mortgage company they can get the results they need. California State Laws regarding foreclosure procedures changed on January 1, 2013. Our Attorneys have used this new bill to fight foreclosures from predatory lenders who are engaging in illegal practices – such as dual tracking. Call 818-450-7703 for your free legal consultation to save your home today.

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