Can a Mortgage Company Refuse Payment?

Don’t Let Your Lender Force You Into Foreclosure…

Can Your Mortgage Company Refuse Payment?

Yes, your mortgage company can refuse to accept monthly payments. If you have fallen behind on payments, your lender can stop taking money in an attempt to collect the full amount of arrears and bring your loan up to date. This practice can make it very difficult for homeowners to catch up on their payments and cause even more stress in an already tough situation. In most cases, it only takes three months of missed payments for the foreclosure process to start.

The Foreclosure Process

After missing three consecutive monthly mortgage payments, your lender will most likely start the foreclosure process. The lender will first send you the Notice of Default (NOD), followed by the Notice of Trustee Sale (NTS). If you do not catch up with monthly payments and late fees by the Sale Date provided on the NTS, then your home may be sold at auction to the highest bidder. Our foreclosure attorneys help clients save their homes, and stop foreclosures every day.

Stop Your Foreclosure

If your mortgage company is refusing payments, and you are speeding closer to the sale date, our foreclosure attorneys can help you. Our team of lawyers have helped save hundreds of clients homes. We have been able to successfully apply for loan modifications, enter into mortgage litigation, and sue banks for predatory lending practices as outlined by the California Homeowners Bill of Rights. Contact us today for a free legal consultation.

“My home did not foreclosure the following morning. Within less than 12 hours of our meeting the foreclosure did not go forward.” – Paul B.

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