Problems With The Used Car Dealership?

It’s not Lemon Law, It’s Auto Fraud

Lemon Law vs. Auto Fraud

Most people have seen TV commercials and billboards for Lemon Law Attorneys who can help drivers sue dealerships that sell them bad cars. Most of the time, lemon laws apply to new vehicles, but there are options for drivers who have purchased used cars as well. We’ve found that most people looking for used car lemon law attorneys are actually in need of a Auto Fraud firm like ours.

Car Attorneys

Our attorneys help consumers who have recently purchased used cars that were misrepresented by the auto dealer, have been in previous accidents, sustained frame damage, issued a salvage title or were used as rental vehicles. Did the dealer make promises that they didn’t keep? Do you want your money back? If so, you may have a case!

We Sue Dealerships

Call our office today to speak to a friendly legal professional who can help you take the steps needed to get the satisfaction that you deserve from the car dealership. We offer free consultations, and our attorneys will help you determine what the next steps are in your auto fraud case. Don’t hesitate, time is of the essence in these situations. Contact us now.

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