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Car accidents happen in seconds but they can change a person’s life forever. The range of accidents can vary from a minor fender to bender to much more serious situations such as rollover accidents to multi-vehicle collisions. Auto accidents are frightening experiences to go through and they leave drivers and passengers with emotional trauma, physical injuries and big financial burdens to families and individuals.

Nothing can undo an accident. However, an auto accident lawyer can file a strong claim against the driver at fault, which would then provide you with the money necessary for successful recovery. We are car accident attorneys and our lawyers handle cases involving motor vehicle accidents in Los Angeles. We get extraordinary results for clients because we put the client’s interests first and hold negligent drivers, and their respective insurance companies, fully accountable.

Auto Accidents That We See Everyday

Speeding is one of the leading causes of auto accidents. Speed is a common factor in about a third of all fatal car accidents. Speed related accidents cost millions of dollars annually in terms of damage and medical bills.

Distracted driving, especially distraction when using cell phones, has reached epidemic levels. Auto accident reports indicate that nine people lose their lives every day somewhere in the United States, while more than a thousand people sustain injuries daily from distracted drivers. Our Los Angeles car accident lawyer are on call any time to guide you through the process of getting better and filing a claim.

Auto accidents caused by drunk driving constitute over thirty percent of the fatalities in the US. Reports indicate that someone dies every fifty-one minutes due to alcohol-impaired driver crashes. Ignorance of traffic rules and controls is yet another common cause. Intersections are well-known accident hot spots. Running red lights at intersections causes quite a number of accidents resulting in about thirty-five percent of traffic fatalities.

Road rage and aggressive driver traits such as cutting off other vehicles, tailgating, speeding, erratic braking and accelerating collectively gets over one thousand people in the United States killed or injured every year. Other common causes of car accidents in Los Angeles include malfunctioning vehicles, hazardous road conditions and driver inexperience on the road.

Our Objective and Mission as a Car Accident Attorney in Los Angeles

Our objective and mission as a car accident attorney in Los Angeles is to get prompt and just compensation to cover your pain and suffering, lost wages and time, medical bills as well as other accruing damages. Whether your losses are tragic or minor, you can certainly count on our Los Angeles car accident lawyer firm to give you compassionate and skillful legal representation.

The car accident lawyers in our firm clearly understand the trauma and stress that result in a car accident. We develop a strong claim against the party that caused your accident and ultimately get you the full compensation you deserve in making a full recovery.

To speak with an attorney about your case, feel free to give us a call or fill out the contact form.

Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer
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