Mortgage Attorneys Can Help Homeowner Save Home from Foreclosure

California residents facing foreclosure are strongly encouraged to talk to a skilled lawyer with a track record in stopping foreclosures to successfully stop a foreclosure sale.

November 20, 2015. Los Angeles, CaliforniaMortgage servicing fraud has affected many homeowners in the wake of the financial meltdown and still persists today. Many mortgage fraud activities are occurring without the awareness of the average homeowner. Common examples include “losing” documents sent by the borrower, denying modifications without adequate review of the application, breaching a valid contract such as a trial modification agreement, and failing to comply with SB900 requirements that protect the homeowner from an illegal foreclosure.

Mortgage Lawyer stop mortgage fraud

An experienced mortgage attorney will identify the lender’s bad acts such as unnecessary delays in the modification process, or the lender advising the borrower to fall behind, improper modification disqualification, errors with accounting, or failure to provide a permanent modification after a trial modification. A mortgage attorney will make sure that the lender does not proceed with foreclosure when a modification is in the review process.

Many homeowners are not aware of loan fraud, as most individuals do not know their rights and the California foreclosure laws that stop lenders from taking advantage of borrowers. In many cases, borrowers rely on their lenders to provide foreclosure assistance after falling behind on mortgage payments. Relying on the lenders to help often makes it worse for a borrower who falls further and further behind on mortgage payments while the lender promises to “help”.

Victims of mortgage fraud are often afraid that they will make it worse by complaining that the lender is causing a delay. Borrowers do not want to complain and risk retaliation by the lender. What most borrowers do not realize is that they usually make it worse by waiting until it’s too late to take action to stop a lender from foreclosing.

According to Lauren Rode, the senior mortgage attorney at Consumer Action Law Group, “it’s better to take legal action right away if the lender starts the foreclosure process.” Borrowers are protected by filing their complaints with a mortgage attorney at Consumer Action Law Group who will provide them with legal assistance and the full force and effect of the law. Ms. Rodes notes that “a good mortgage lawyer will stop any illegal actions taken by the lender in servicing the loan and seek protection under [SB900] the California foreclosure laws.”

Homeowners can have their day in court through mortgage litigation by enforcing their right to stop the lender from illegally foreclosing on their home. Consumer Action Law Group is dedicated to providing ligation services for homeowners who facing mortgage fraud; giving them the chance to save their homes and stop foreclosure. To this end, the homeowner no longer needs to be intimidated or trampled upon by the lender while the foreclosure is threatened by the lender.

Consumer Action Law Group has highly experienced mortgage lawyers. Hiring a mortgage foreclosure attorney to sue the lender is the best course of action to stop a foreclosure. Going to court is the best safeguard against illegal foreclosure. A Consumer Action Law Group mortgage attorney will file a lawsuit or bankruptcy to stop foreclosure right away. California residents facing foreclosure are strongly encouraged to talk to a skilled lawyer with a track record in stopping foreclosures. The highly experienced mortgage lawyers at Consumer Action Law Group offer free legal advice to homeowners who are facing foreclosure.

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