Our Auto Fraud Lawyer Sues Car Dealerships That Rip Off Buyers

Our auto fraud lawyer is dedicated to identifying illegal practices performed by car dealership. We Sue car dealerships on contingency, at very little cost to you.

Purchasing a new vehicle can be a difficult process, especially when you are forced to deal with dishonest car dealerships that attempt to hide the history or the true extent of the damage on the vehicles they sell. If you do not have the proper auto fraud lawyer by your side, you could end up taking home a car that is seriously damaged and dangerous or paying more than the advertised price.

Car dealerships often try to keep their customers from finding out the truth about the cars they are selling. For dealers desperate to make a sale for as much profit as possible, past accidents and frame damage are typically not disclosed. The auto fraud attorneys at Consumer Action Law Group sue car dealerships for deceptive and dishonest business practices.

The auto fraud lawyers at Consumer Action Law Group have several years of experience dealing with cases against car dealers and they know what it takes to get your money back from a dishonest car dealership. When a buyer does not know the full extent of the damages their new vehicle has suffered in the past, this can cause them to get into an accident later.

For example, a person may purchase a car that has been in a prior accident or has severe frame damage. When a car’s structural integrity is compromised, the driver is far more vulnerable to accidents. In a defective car, the brake lines may stop working all of a sudden, or the car’s turning radius may be unable to handle sharp corners.

Not only is the innocent buyer at risk of getting into a car accident, but many car buyers get seriously hurt in accidents and need to hire an auto fraud lawyer that will seek compensation for personal injuries. Car dealerships are typically unsympathetic to the plight of their customers once they have driven the car off the lot, most buyers cannot resolve their problems without hiring a lawyer.

Many problems are predictable when buying a car, so it is important to do your homework before signing a contract. Ask the dealer directly about the frame of the vehicle and if they know whether it has been in an accident already. If the dealer is honest, it can help save you from having to sue car dealerships at a later date. If you bought a car without having a mechanic inspect it first, be sure to ask the service department about the condition of your vehicle the next time you take it in for repairs.

Auto dealer fraud is a serious issue and the law helps consumers to arm themselves with auto fraud lawyers and took a stand against car dealers that rip off car buyers. In California, an auto dealer is required by law to tell you about any past damages to the vehicle and must sell the car for the price that was advertised.

If you believe you may have experienced auto fraud or if you have been in an accident as a result of a defective car, you should immediately call and talk a lawyer from Consumer Action Law to discuss your case. An auto fraud lawyer will fight for you and ensure that you receive the justice you deserve.

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