Here at Consumer Action Law Group, we value education and the pursuit of knowledge.  We understand the rigors of higher learning as well as the discipline required to succeed.  We are looking to give back to the community through this scholarship and hope to be an encouragement to all applicants and the scholarship recipients.

Note: Please DO NOT CALL the office about the scholarship. Your application may be disqualified if you’re not in compliance with this specific directive.


  • Must be currently enrolled and/or have been accepted into a University or College in the United States
  • Must be able to show proof of enrollment by providing a school transcript or letter of acceptance


The CAL Group Scholarship for 2018 will be in the amount of $500 for 3 different recipients.

  • Scholarship check will be written out to the stated Institution
  • Check will be mailed to the business office on behalf of the recipient


For Spring Term 2018, deadline for the scholarship application is February 28, 2018

⭐ Start date to submit application = November 1, 2017
⭐ End date for Spring Term application = February 28, 2018

Winner will be notified March 2018

  • Recipient will receive a phone call & email from our office
  • We will share this momentous event on our social media channels
  • We will also post a write up about the recipient’s journey and why we chose him/her


All applicants must submit application packet via email to calgroupdigital[@]gmail[dot]com

Application Packet consists of:

  1. Verification of enrollment (softcopy (digital) of transcript, enrollment letter, etc)
  2. Google Word Doc of the Scholarship Essay


Articles must:

  • Have a compelling argument FOR or AGAINST
  • Clearly present the Problem
  • Clearly provide possible Solutions
    • Solutions that are creative, unique, and novel are ideas we’re eager to read
  • Essay must be between 750-1000 words
  • Include a cover page

Choose one of the topics below to write about for your scholarship submission.

Topic #1:

Write about your thoughts on the issue of “CEO compensation” in major corporations and its influence on the economy, both national and global.

Topic #2:

Explain whether or not it is ok for marketing companies to consistently call you at all times of the day to sell their product, that you might actually need? (ex: your vacuum broke and you need to get a new one)

Topic #3:

What are your thoughts on “Bankruptcy” and share whether or not you consider it to be a positive or negative option of choice.

Topic #4:

Create a list and write about the pros and cons of driverless cars, and describe whether or not you think these cars will be a benefit to our economic growth.

Disclaimer:  Depending on the quality of the essay submissions, some of the pieces may be edited and adapted for re-post on our blog.

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