What Is a Title Search?

If you are asking “What is a Title Search” or “what does a Title Search have to do with my foreclosure?” The simple answer is that a title search can uncover evidence of illegal foreclosure practices. Under California foreclosure law, a lender must record a notice of default and notice of trustee sale on the title. All foreclosure notices must have specific dates and amounts providing deadlines for payment of arrears, amounts owed, and the contact information for the trustee handling the foreclosure sale. Our firm searches title to see if your lender is breaking the law or violating any requirements of the California Home Owner Bill of Rights [HOBR – SB 900].

If you are facing foreclosure, or you have fallen behind on mortgage payments, our foreclosure lawyers will conduct a property title search to better understand whether your lender has engaged in any illegal foreclosure practices under the state laws of California. Common illegal practices include failure to stop the foreclosure process while reviewing an application for a loan modification; not assigning a single point of contact at the lender, not corresponding in writing, not reviewing applications in a timely manner, and denying requests for modifications due to procedural failures on the part of the lender [“no receipt of the documents that you sent”].

When researching your title, our foreclosure attorneys look for federal tax lien issues, senior and junior interested lien holders all prior recorded documents and signatures, and possible robo-signing problems that are commonly committed by big banks we have filed cases against.

Your Foreclosure Case

Our Los Angeles stop foreclosure law firm handles foreclosure litigation and dedicates our time and resources to saving homes. If you are facing foreclosure and want to keep your home, our foreclosure attorneys can file a lawsuit against your bank lender to stop a foreclosure.

If you are looking for the preeminent foreclosure attorney we are dedicated to this area of law, and we help people facing foreclosure every day.

Foreclosure Facts

If you have lost your home in a foreclosure sale and the home was sold for more than the balance of the loans, you are entitled to receive money back [surplus funds] after the sale. Our lawyers conduct title searches to help homeowners recover surplus funds. As a rule, those funds must be deposited with the court and they must be returned to the prior owner. Our surplus fund attorney will file a claim on your behalf to recover any excess amounts after a foreclosure sale. We file claims for surplus funds with the trustee and the court to recover money owed to you after a foreclosure sale.

If you are looking for California foreclosure Lawyers who will conduct a Title Search and stop your foreclosure, the best thing to do is call our team to ask for legal help. Our foreclosure defense attorney will meet with you for free or talk to you on the phone and listen to what you need before giving advice for what is recommended. California has laws that are designed to help homeowners to stay in their homes and to avoid foreclosure.

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