What Is a Notice of Trustee Sale

A Notice of Trustee Sale (NTS) is an official notice that is sent to a mortgage defaulter in accordance with California foreclosure laws signifying that his home will soon be auctioned. This is usually a long process that starts with 3 missed mortgage payments and a notice of default before announcing a mortgage foreclosure sale date.

Foreclosure notice comes in different stages which include a 30 day notice for a late mortgage payment, a notice for default after missing 3 mortgage payments, and a Notice of Trustee Sale delivered by hand 20 days before the time and date of sale.

If a Notice of Foreclosure Sale has been sent to you, the best thing to do is to call and talk to one of our foreclosure lawyers at our law firm to discuss options that can help you stop the sale date on your foreclosure notice. Our experienced foreclosure attorney can assist you to stop your foreclosure sale date and stop the pending trustee sale.

When a payment is more than 90 days late, the mortgage will go into default. That is the point when the mortgage company will begin move forward with foreclosure. This means that the internal process begins which will lead to a Notice of Default.

As soon as the home owner receives the Notice of Default, the foreclosure process is moving forward. It is during this critical time that a homeowner should get in contact with an experienced foreclosure attorney to discuss proactive ways to prevent foreclosure and to seek legal advice to save the home. Options to avoid foreclosure include filing a lawsuit for illegal foreclosure, filing a bankruptcy, applying for a loan modification, applying for a short sale, trying to refinance, or requesting a deed in lieu of foreclosure.

Our foreclosure lawyers are highly skilled and very familiar with every legal process relating to foreclosure laws in California. We are available in times of crisis to give professional legal assistance to home owners and help them save their homes from trustee sales. Testimonies abound from many of our clients whom we have helped stop their foreclosure sale date in recent times.

If you have received a notice of trustee sale, call our foreclosure attorney today and stop the sale date. We offer free legal advice, and we move very quickly to save your home. Give us 10 minutes and we can save your home. Call 818-254-8413 for a free consultation with an experienced foreclosure lawyer today.

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