What Does Notice of Trustee Sale Mean

 In California, and many other states, a notice of trustee sale is the final written notice that a lender has scheduled a date to sell a home in a foreclosure auction. When a borrower receives a notice of default or a notice of trustee sale, there is time remaining to take steps to stop the foreclosure process, but quick and decisive legal action must be taken to save a home from foreclosure.

In most states, the lender has the right to issue the notice of foreclosure sale and move forward with a mortgage foreclosure sale when a borrower stops making their mortgage payments. The foreclosure process is formally started when the notice of default is sent to the home after a borrower misses 3 or more monthly mortgage payments. Any failure to answer the notice by either contacting the lender or reinstating the mortgage will likely to lead to the notice of trustee sale being sent. The best way to stop the notice of foreclosure sale is to hire a very good foreclosure attorney.

Once you receive a notice of foreclosure sale, it is best to go through the courts to use legal methods to stop the foreclosure sale date. It is really important to understand how much time you have to when you receive the first notice from the lender. Receiving a notice of default does not mean you will lose your house immediately and you can still stop the sale date through number of different legal methods. The foreclosure attorneys at Consumer Action Law Group prepare lawsuits to save houses that are being illegally foreclosed, and their foreclosure lawyers file bankruptcy to stop and fight the foreclosure process as well.

Another method that homeowners can attempt is to contact the lender to apply for a loan modification. If a loan modification is being reviewed and the foreclosure process is moving forward, it is best to immediately contact a foreclosure lawyer and discuss a potential lawsuit. It is also possible to negotiate a deed in lieu from the lender if the goal is to walk away from the house without owing any money. The deed in lieu will stop both the foreclosure and may wipe out any claims for deficiency. If all else fails, you can seek help from a real estate attorney that help with short sale to sell the home with approval from the lender.

There are many solutions that can help you save your house from a foreclosure sale. When you call Consumer Action Law Group, their foreclosure attorneys can immediately stop a foreclosure sale. Their team of highly experienced and dependable foreclosure attorneys can stop the notice of trustee sale and save the home. Their foreclosure lawyers know exactly what to do to stop the foreclosure process in a matter of minutes.

Before hiring Consumer Action Law Group, their foreclosure lawyers will evaluate your case and advise you the about best legal method to stop the foreclosure process for free; there is no charge for talking to their lawyers and discussing your situation. During the consultation, you can ask questions and get the advice you need to make an informed decision. When it comes to saving your home, you should know what your options are and make the best decision possible. Call today: 818-254-8413.

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