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Man wins $16.6 Million Dollar Verdict Against California Company in Wrongful Termination Lawsuit

Los Angeles, CA: Wrongful termination lawyers Los Angeles – A former African-American supervisor won the largest racial discrimination lawsuit in California in June after a Los Angeles jury found that this former employer discriminated against him because he is African American.

Unlawful Termination

According to the Press-Enterprise, former production supervisor Rickey Moland was fired from his job because of his race. In 2010, Moland began working as a manager for Corona manufacturing company Clow Valve Co. In his lawsuit, Moland complained that he was frequently called racially offensive names, including the “N” word. In spite of having excellent work, Molad said that his former employer did not treat him with respect nor did they prevent the discrimination that took place among his subordinates and supervisors.

During his employment with the company, Moland was called the “N” word among other racially offensive names. Despite this, he continued to work hard hoping to earn the respect of his employer and colleagues. Unfortunately, that did not happen, and he was eventually terminated from the company after they launched an internal investigation. Moland was fired for not getting along with his employees after he complained of racism. According to one of California’s top employment law attorneys Yelena Gurevich, a company cannot fire an employee for complaining of discrimination. She says that constitutes “retaliation and discrimination, which are both illegal under California employment laws.”

In California, employment is considered at-will, which means that employers can terminate an employee for almost any reason. In spite of this, there are some instances in which employees cannot be lawfully terminated even if they are employed “at-will” —and one of those reasons is discrimination. An employer cannot fire an employee because of their race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or age. Another reason for termination that is illegal is retaliation. An employer cannot retaliate against a worker for filing a complaint whether the complaint involves discrimination or unfair work conditions.

As a result of being fired for discrimination, Moland won damages that total $2.8 billion. Because he was also retaliated against, there was a second phase of his trial to determine whether he should receive a settlement for punitive damages from his former boss. According to Yelena Gurevich, “employers are sometimes ordered to pay punitive damages if a jury finds that they act with malice.” In this particular case, the jury awarded Moland $13.8 million in punitive damages for a total judgment of $16.6 million.

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Anyone recently fired and believe it might have been due to discrimination or retaliation may need an experienced lawyer to help them fight for their rights. Wrongful termination cases require a skilled lawyer who knows how to defend these types of cases.

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