What to do When a Car Dealer Rips You Off

Are you wondering what to do when a car dealer rips you off?  The best way to get your money back, cancel your contract, and return the car to the car dealer is to have an auto dealer fraud attorney file a lawsuit against the car dealer who ripped you off.

How car dealers can rip you off:
What to do When a Car Dealer Rips You Off

  • Selling the car for more than the advertised price,
  • Not disclosing previous accidents and damage to the car,
  • Adding features or add-ons without your consent,
  • Misrepresenting mileage on the odometer,
  • Pulling credit without permission or overcharging for loans.

Our auto fraud attorneys can help you get your money back, cancel your contract, and return the car to the car dealer or have the car dealer pay for any damage and repair that you had paid. We evaluate auto fraud cases for free.

Common Examples of Car Dealer Fraud

You should hire an auto fraud attorney if your car dealer lied to you. Here are some of the ways your car dealer can rip you off:

Selling More than the Advertised Price

The price you pay for your car should match the price it was advertised for. If the advertised price was $25,000 but the dealer sells it for $27,500 in person, you will be able to sue the dealer.

Not Disclosing Previous Accidents or Damage to the Car

What to do When a Car Dealer sold you a frame damage carDealers often hide any accidents or previous damage to your car had to make it look like the car is in better condition than it really is. If you find out that the car frame was damaged prior to your purchase but the dealer did not tell you about it, you can sue the dealer for not disclosing that information to you. Your dealer must have told you about any damage the car experienced before you purchase the car.

Adding Features or Add-Ons Without Your Consent

Your dealer cannot add new features to your car without your consent. Let’s say you didn’t ask for tinted windows or a sunroof on your car, but they were included in the final sale. In this case, you can sue the dealer for adding features without your consent.

Misrepresenting Mileage and Odometer Value

It is illegal to change the odometer mileage in a used car sale.  If the actual mileage on the car was 25,000 miles, but the dealer had changed it to 15,000 miles, you can sue the dealer for rolling back the odometer.  Auto fraud attorneys research title history and mileage to figure out if the odometer has been rolled back.

Other Ways Car Dealers Can Rip You Off

Auto Fraud lawsuitIf you believe that your car dealer is ripping you off in some other way, call our attorneys to get free legal advice.

All fraudulent activities listed above violate the Federal Trade Commission Act, Section 5: Unfair or Deceptive Acts or Practices.  Our dealer fraud attorneys can sue dealerships that engage in these unfair trade practices.

What to do If a Dealer Rips You Off

Free Consultation for Auto Fraud CaseIf you got ripped off when buying a used car then our auto attorneys can file a lawsuit against your car dealer. If you believe that you have been ripped-off by a car dealer, our auto fraud attorneys can:

  • Help you get your money back,
  • Get you out of contract and return your car,
  • Get rid of any loan balance, or
  • Help you keep your car and have the dealer pay for any prior damages.

If you believe that a car dealer has ripped you off, talk to our dealership fraud attorneys for free advice!

Ripped Off by Car Dealer? Call for Free Legal Advice!

Here at Consumer Action Law Group, we have dealership fraud attorneys who are experienced with auto fraud cases. If you believe that your car dealer has scammed you, talk to our attorneys that deal with car dealerships at 818-254-8413 for immediate help. The legal consultation is FREE!

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