Car Dealership Lawyer Helps Client With A Defective Vehicle

auto fraud attorney Pauliana LaraLos Angeles, CA – 3/12/2020 – Car dealership lawyer from Consumer Action Law Group has successfully represented its client against Union Auto Sales. The client initially purchased a vehicle from Union Auto Sales, Inc. Everything was fine until the client’s vehicle started to experience issues with the dashboard, air conditioner, and engine. The problems were so significant that the vehicle had stopped working. After the incident, the client returned to the dealership to try to resolve the problem. However, Union Auto Sales refused to take action to restore the vehicle to a safe and working condition.

At this point, the client was looking for an auto fraud attorney who could help to cancel the contract and refund all payments. The client contacted the auto lawyer at Consumer Action Law Group to get legal help. Upon learning about the client’s situation, the attorney advised the client to take legal action in order to unwind the contract and to have the dealership refund all the payments.

In California, there are laws that protect consumers when any goods that they purchase are not fit for their intended use. One example is the implied warranty of merchantability. If a dealership sells a car to a consumer, it is assumed that the vehicle is in a good enough working state to perform its intended purpose. If the vehicle is not fit for driving soon after the purchase date, it violates the implied warranty of merchantability. In this case, the lemon laws in California can help the consumer take the vehicle back to the dealer and get their money back.

Pauliana Lara, an auto fraud attorney at Consumer Action Law Group, provides additional insight into this matter, “Generally, a vehicle can be considered as a lemon in California if it had a defect that could not be fixed after multiple repair attempts. The repair attempts should also not take more than 30 days cumulatively. If either applies to a consumer’s vehicle, the manufacturer must offer to repurchase the vehicle or offer a replacement car for the consumer. I’ve handled hundreds of cases related to this, and I know that this does not happen all the time. If a manufacturer is refusing or ignoring the car buyer’s rights to a buyback or replacement vehicle, the buyer should discuss their case with an experienced attorney who knows how to handle this kind of case.”

Consumers who are experiencing repeated issues with their vehicles can contact the experienced car lawyers at Consumer Action Law Group for help. Call (818) 254-8413 for a free case evaluation.

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