Consumer Action Law Group Offers Stop Foreclosure Legal Assistance for Consumers Who Are Facing Foreclosure

California, September 3rd, 2014 – Many homeowners are helpless to face the foreclosure process because of the recent economic downturn that significantly reduced their earnings. Because of challenges to keep up with their debts, homeowners are now facing the threat of their homes being sold at auction by the lenders. The Los Angeles foreclosure attorneys at Consumer Action Law Group provide hope for homeowners that are facing foreclosure. Consumer Action Law Group is offering its stop foreclosure services, aimed at protecting homeowners and preventing bank sales.

Stop Foreclosure Legal ServiceIn many cases, a foreclosure can be avoided by brokering a deal with the lender. The leading foreclosure attorney of the Group, Lauren Rode reveals, “Lenders want their money, and we can suggest a better way for them to get their money rather than selling a home in an auction. In many cases, by revising the interest rate and adjusting the monthly payment, homeowners can pay the debt off, even if they are in a difficult financial condition.”

The experienced foreclosure attorney in the Group evaluates the facts of each case to find the best ways to protect one’s home. They prepare a strong case to fight for the rights of a homeowner in the court. They file the lawsuit in the court and also seek the court’s intervention to put a stop to foreclosure.

In recent times, bankruptcy and foreclosure cases have grown in significant numbers and the economic crisis is often the reason behind them. While people struggle to meet their daily needs and maintain their lifestyle, paying off debts often becomes secondary for them. In such circumstances, homeowners often need legal protection. The California foreclosure lawyer Group provides effective legal service at a time when people need it the most. To learn more about their services and the affordable foreclosure attorney fees they charge, visit their website

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