Dealership Sold Me a Bad Car, What Can I Do?

Ever thought of what you can do if your dealership sold you a bad car? You can have your car returned and get your money back or have the dealer pay for the repairs and for any pre-existing damages by hiring an auto fraud lawyer.

If your dealership sold you a bad car, call us now to receive free legal advice from one of our experienced auto dealer fraud lawyer.

What Should I Do if My Car Dealership Sold me a Bad Used Car?

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You should hire an auto dealer lawyer if your car dealer sold you a bad car by lying to you. Your dealer could have lied to you by selling you a ‘lemon car’ or by not disclosing any accident or damage done to the car. In either case, you can sue your dealer for selling you a bad car. If you bought a lemon car, your best option would be to contact a lemon law attorney as the law applies differently.

What is a “Lemon Car”?

A car is considered a lemon if it meets the following conditions within 18 months of purchase or before 18,000 miles have incurred on the odometer, whichever comes first:

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  1. At least 2 attempts have been made to fix a warranty issue that could have resulted in a serious injury or death.
  2. At least 4 attempts were made to fix an issue during the warranty period.
  3. The vehicle spent more than 30 days [total] in the shop while being repaired.

If your car is considered a lemon, you are entitled to have your car replaced OR get a refund of the purchase price of your car (California Lemon Law).

How do I know if My Car is a Lemon?

If you are driving around thinking “my dealer sold me a lemon” you are probably driving a car that keeps breaking down. Many people believe that a lemon is a crappy car that they are stuck with, but that is not true. In most states, there are good laws that protect consumers and make it possible to return a car that is defective.

If you are asking, “my dealer sold me a lemon what can I do?” the simple answer is: call a lawyer! In California, lemon laws give the dealer 3 opportunities to fix the same problem when a car is still covered under the warranty. For example, if your car’s air conditioning is not working and you take it to the dealer 3 times but they can’t fix it during the warranty period, it’s like baseball, after the 3rd strike the dealer is out. The same is true if the dealer has the car in the shop for more than 30 days trying to fix the problem, after a total of 30 days, if the dealer hasn’t been able to fix the problem, the car is officially a lemon.

I was Sold a Lemon Car – What Should I Do?

Once you come to the conclusion that your car is a lemon, the best option is to call a lawyer to file a claim to get your money back and cancel the contract. A lawyer will have to make a formal claim with all of the paperwork from prior repairs. A good claim shows that all of the repairs were for the same problem, during the warranty period, and the problem was never fixed after 3 or more repair attempts.

What Happens When My Car is Officially a Lemon?

Every day, we receive calls from buyers saying: “I was sold a lemon car” and we walk through the process of filing a claim to get back every penny paid and to get out of the contract. The legal process takes time and patience, and claims are usually brought against the dealer and the manufacturer. As long as there is solid proof of the problems and the failed attempts to repair the car, buyers usually get every penny back, and they get out of the contract.

My Used Car Dealership Sold Me a Lemon Car

Usually, lemon cars are new cars that have a defect that cannot be fixed. However, there are times when used cars qualify as lemons. A used car may be a lemon when it is sold with a warranty and the car breaks down while it is under the warranty period and the same problems keep persisting [even past the warranty period]. Many people use the word lemon to describe a car that keeps breaking down, but to be a true lemon, the car must be covered under a warranty [at least for a while].

Can Used Car Dealerships Sell Lemon Cars?

By definition, a used car dealer that sells a lemon is required to buy back the car. Consumer laws are very clear about dealer and manufacturer liability for lemons: once a car is declared a lemon it must be refunded and the contract must be canceled.

What to Expect When Hiring a Lemon Car Lawyer

By calling the lemon car lawyers at Consumer Action Law Group, you will be able to have your questions answered during a free consultation with a lawyer. Within minutes, the staff and lemon law attorneys will make recommendations for anyone who needs help with lemon law claims. Call now for a free case evaluation.

Undisclosed Car History

A good way to figure out your car’s history is to check the CARFAX report. The report will show if the car the dealer sold you was in an accident or received any damages. If you do not know how to get a CARFAX report, our auto dealer fraud lawyers can help you.

Lawyer for Dealership Sold Me a Bad CarHere’s an example of finding out if you were sold a used lemon. Let’s say that you almost get into an accident because of faulty brakes. You return the car to the dealership to have it fixed. The dealership claims they fixed the issue, but the problem comes up again repeatedly. You then check the CARFAX report and realize that the car has been in previous accidents, perhaps one which resulted in frame damage.

Cars like these can be considered a used lemon. In this case, the car buyer can sue the dealer for selling a used lemon car. If you believe that you were sold a used lemon, call now to get free legal advice for your situation.

The Dealership Sold Me a Bad Used Car, What Should I Do?

Dealership Sold Me a Bad Car Lawyer

Used cars are also covered by the California Lemon Law. If you were sold a bad car, our lawyers can:

  • Return the car and get your money back or
  • Have the dealer pay for the repairs and any pre-existing damages.

If you believe you were sold a bad car, talk to our auto sale lawyers now for free advice.

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If your car dealer sold you a bad car, our dealer fraud lawyers can sue your car dealer to get you your money back or have the dealer pay for any costs incurred from repairs or pre-existing damages. Call now to be connected to the best auto fraud lawyers. We evaluate auto fraud cases for FREE!

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