Los Angeles Product Liability Attorney

Have you Been Injured by a Product Defect?

Product Liability Cases

Product Liability Cases cover a range of different areas of the laws governing corporations responsibilities to consumers. Consumers can not expect to be held liable for injuries caused from defective or dangerous products. The product liability lawyers at Consumer Action Law Group in Los Angeles will help you file a lawsuit against the company responsible if you have been injured or have lost a loved one in a wrongful death.

Defective Products

Some of the most common defective products on the market are automobiles, baby cribs, industrial equipment and medical products, but we have seen cases of computer batteries and food poisoning as well. Product defects can permanently injure or even kill someone who is entirely innocent of any wrong doing. You shouldn’t have to suffer. Our product liability lawyers can determine if you have a case, how much to ask for in damages, and what your next steps are.

Hire a Product Liability Attorney

A good Product Liability Attorney can determine who is at fault in your case, and how much money you should seek in damages from the company or manufacturer of the defective item. We offer free legal consultations to assess your product liability case, and figure out what next steps should be taken so that you can start the recovery process. If you’re a victim of a defective product and are seeking legal representation, call us now for your free consultation at 818-450-7703.

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