Los Angeles Mortgage Attorney Sues Lender for Mortgage Fraud

Mortgage fraud is still common in California as lenders disregard the provisions of the foreclosure laws. Los Angeles mortgage attorney is currently helping homeowners to fight mortgage fraud.

California, November 18, 2015 — Mortgage lenders are in the business of making money. Their primary focus is on recovering their investment. Whether it is intentional or not, many lenders violate the intent and the exact wording of the California foreclosure law, SB 900, which protects homeowners who have fallen behind on their mortgage payments.

Lenders want their money and will resort to aggressive collection methods to ensure that they recoup their loan. When a person that is having temporary financial difficulty, lenders are required to contact borrowers that are facing foreclosure before taking steps to file a notice of default and notice of trustee sale. Lenders face the pressure of acting in the best interest of their investors, and they often disregard the foreclosure laws protecting homeowners in California.

Lenders sometimes resort to illegal tactics to take advantage of people faced with mortgage difficulties. Those tactics include claims of accounting errors between the lender and the borrower. Claims of lost documents can slow or stop a modification process. These false claims are legally considered to be mortgage servicing fraud.

Lenders are notorious for using all means possible to change the terms of a loan modification that has been negotiated with the lender or the courts. Lenders will often make borrowers wait for months before confirming that their request for a loan modification has been denied. All of these tactics are loan fraud.

The common ruses that lenders use to avoid a loan modification are intentionally delaying the modification process, claiming that equity must be reduced in order to qualify for the modification, using their legal staff to have a modification disqualified, advising a mortgage holder to fall further behind in payments, refusing to implement a court-ordered loan modification, and proceeding with a foreclosure while a loan modification is being considered. Most of the tactics can be identified by a Los Angeles mortgage attorney with experience in this area of law.

The average person may not even realize that they are victims of mortgage servicing fraud or loan fraud. Fear of losing a home is a powerful weapon that lenders use against a borrower to force them to accept the lender’s terms and suggestions.

A borrower who is being taken advantage of by a lender most likely needs the help of a mortgage lawyer. Experienced mortgage lawyers have seen all the tactics that lenders use and know the legal methods to stop mortgage fraud.

In most instances of loan fraud, it is best to sue the lender to force them to comply with the law and comply with SB 900. Borrowers seeking help can call the experienced mortgage lawyers at Consumer Action Law Group to investigate mortgage fraud and offer free legal advice regarding the facts and circumstances particular to the loan.

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