Our Car Fraud Lawyers Help Buyers Get out of Bad Car Contract

Car fraud lawyers at our firm are dedicated to helping car buyers get their money back from the car dealership when a dealer is engaged in fraud and deceptive sales tactics. Our attorneys can nullify bad contracts that are meant to exploit unsuspecting buyers.

Our car fraud lawyers offer free consultations in person or over the phone to determine the legal options that will best suit you. Our car lawyers will take the time to review your case and answer all your questions and advise on the steps to take to get justice.

You may need to hire our experienced team of lawyers if you bought a car that keeps giving you problems. Our auto fraud lawyers help buyers get out of bad contracts and replace, return or repurchase another car and get reimbursed.

Types of Car Fraud Cases That We Handle

If your car dealership wasn’t truthful, you have the option to sue them and get your money back. Our car fraud lawyers handle many types of cases which include, but are not limited to:

  • Previous accidents that were not disclosed
  • Previous damage to the frame that wasn’t disclosed
  • Pre-existing engine defects of major repairs that weren’t disclosed
  • Bait and switch as well as false advertising
  • Odometer rollback
  • Auto loan fraud: modifying loan terms; changing down payments; adding different options without disclosing to buyers

Types of Car Fraud Practices and Dealer Scams

In most cases, car buyers are not aware of a problem up until our auto fraud lawyers go through the contract.

Our lawyers combat car dealership scams and deceptive practices on a daily basis. Our lawyers review each contract thoroughly to find evidence of car dealership fraud. The most common types of car fraud cases include:

  • Concealing and failing to disclose previous major repairs and engine defects
  • Concealing and failing to disclose previous frame damage
  • Concealing and failing to disclose previous rental use
  • Selling a car for a higher than the one advertised
  • Adding different options without disclosing to buyers
  • Deferred down payment; splitting down payments but not showing them in the contract

Our auto fraud lawyers file lawsuits on behalf of car buyers when we see acts of dealership fraud. Our team of attorneys often find evidence of a scam when a seller tries to conceal important information from the buyer. In most cases, the buyer isn’t aware of the problem until a car fraud lawyer reviews the history of the car and the contract.

Car Loan Fraud by Your Dealership

Car loan fraud is a common thing when looking to finance the purchase of your car, and for this, you’ll need the services of experienced car loan lawyers.

There are many ways car that car dealers exploit buyers who finance the purchase of their cars. For example, a car dealer may engage in a car loan fraud situation like the following:

  • Requesting the buyer to return and sign another contract: a backdating contract
  • Changing the down payment from the initial amount agreed upon
  • Changing the interest rate or monthly payment to make the buyer pay more than the agreed amount.
  • Increasing the price and payment from the amount initially agreed on
  • Failing to disclose the trade of the vehicle in a contract
  • Up charging for certain accessories that are not necessary and labeling them as “required”

Dealership fraud occurs when a dealer up-changes the initial monthly payment or interest rate to make the buyer pay more than what was agreed on. The dealer can make more money by altering the down payment. Car loan fraud is quite common when a sales rep negotiates one price and payment, and later the finance rep negotiates a higher and different price and payment.

Another deceptive dealership practice is failing to disclose the trade in price of a car within the purchase contract. Buyers are often not aware that of financing fraud until they get in touch with car loan lawyers. If you feel your dealer was not truthful with you when your financed your car, contact a car fraud lawyer to get justice.

Free Legal Advice from Car Fraud Lawyers

Our auto fraud lawyers often help car buyers who have no idea that their dealer is violating the law. We frequently find evidence of car fraud when we receive a call regarding one issue, but after reviewing the contract we then discover many issues having to do with the contract and state and federal consumer law violations.

If you feel that your car dealer has lied about the condition of your car or the terms of your contract when you bought your car, get in touch with a car fraud lawyer who will review the contract and disclosures for free to determine if your dealer was in breach of the law.

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