Can You Sue a Car Dealership for Selling a Lemon Car?

You can sue a car dealership for selling a lemon used car with frame damage car if they did not disclose at the time of the purchased. To find out if the car dealers sold you a car with frame damage due to a previous accident, run a VIN check with CARFAX. If you don’t know how to run a CARFAX or need an expert to determine if you have a case, talk to our Los Angeles lemon law attorneys today. Our team of expert Lemon law attorneys in Los Angeles can help to determine if you bought a used car with frame damage.

Los Angeles Lemon Law AttorneysIf your car shows previous accident on the CARFAX report, call us immediately. Our Los Angeles lemon law attorneys can help you:

  • Return your car to the dealer and get your money back.
  • Get out of the contract
  • Have the dealer pay for your repair and pre-existing damage.

How to Figure out if you Purchased a Lemon Car that Has Been Involved in a Prior Accident

Lemon Law Attorneys Los AngelesAlexis is a California resident who has always driven Hondas, so when her son turned sixteen, she decided to get him an Accord. Since it was her son’s first vehicle, Alexis didn’t want to buy a brand new car. Instead, she went to her local used car dealership and purchased a 2012 model with warranty. The dealer assured her that the car was in great shape; by all appearances, it seemed to be.

Fast-forward three weeks. Alexis’ son comes home, visibly shaken. He says he nearly got in an accident because his brakes failed. Alexis takes the car back to the dealership to get the brakes checked out. They claim to have solved the problem, and Alexis returns home with the car. A week later, the brakes fail again, and Alexis’ son rear-ends another driver.

This time, Alexis decides to run a CarFax report on the vehicle. When she does, she discovers that the car has been in previous accidents, including one collision which resulted in frame damage. Furious, she calls the dealership to demand they take the car back. They hang up the phone, and when she tries to call again, they ignore her.


Lemon Law Attorneys Los AngelesIs this scenario legal?  Absolutely not. “Lemon Law” is a series of laws protecting used car buyers like Alexis from being stuck owning a “lemon”. By law, a dealer must tell you if a car has been in an accident resulting in frame damage. They are also obligated to take back your vehicle for a full refund, if:

  1. 4 attempts have been made to solve the same warranty issue
  2. 2 attempts have been made to solve a warranty issue that could result in injury or death
  3. The vehicle has been in the shop for a warranty issue for 30 days or more

That said, a dealership is only required to take back a car within 18 months of purchase, or 18,000 miles on the odometer. So it is important for victims to act fast.


Lemon Law Attorney Los AngelesIf you believe you have been sold a lemon used car, talk to our Los Angeles lemon law attorney immediately. It is best to call a lawyer dedicated to Used Car Lemon Law who can evaluate your case and determine if you should take immediate legal action. You should also:

1. Keep all vehicle service reports
2. Make notes of vehicle issues
3. Document the time you have lost from work

Talk to a Los Angeles Lemon Law Attorney

Los Angeles Lemon Law Attorney - Free ConsultationAt Consumer Action Law Group our Los Angeles Lemon law attorneys sue car dealers on a contingency basis, so there is very little financial risk to you. Don’t let yourself get stuck with a lemon vehicle. Call 818-254-8413 to Talk to our lemon law attorneys today. The consultation is FREE!

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