What Is a Foreclosure Sale

What is a foreclosure sale? A foreclosure sale, also known as a trustee sale, is the sale of a home after a trustee notice or foreclosure notice has been served to the borrower or the person living in the home. The process for a foreclosure sale is put into motion when the foreclosure sale notice is served to the occupant. Foreclosure sales are still common in the state of California, and any person who wants to save their home should immediately call a foreclosure attorney after receiving a foreclosure notice. When a person in California is served a foreclosure sale notice, time is of the essence in order to successfully stop foreclosure sales.

Can a Foreclosure Sale Actually be Stopped?

There are legal options available to stop trustee sales. Foreclosure sales can usually be stopped with the help of a good foreclosure lawyer. When a person wants to stop a foreclosure sale, they should hire an experienced and professional foreclosure attorney who has an extremely strong track record of success stopping foreclosure sales. The first step is to talk to a foreclosure attorney and discuss the situation in detail to determine what the best available option is.

How Our Attorneys Stop Foreclosure Sales Using the Law

The foreclosure attorneys at Consumer Action Law Group stop foreclosure sales with the application of the law protecting homeowners in California. The following are some of the most effective ways that our attorneys stop foreclosure sales:

Filing a Lawsuit

A very effective way to stop foreclosure sales, depending on the facts, is to file a lawsuit. With experienced legal representation, filing a lawsuit will usually stop a trustee sale.

Filing Bankruptcy

Filing bankruptcy is an extremely effective way to stop a foreclosure sale. When a foreclosure attorney files bankruptcy, as long as there has not been a prior filing, it will automatically stop notice of trustee sale proceedings and the foreclosure process from moving forward.

Short Sale

In many cases, a short sale also stops a foreclosure. A short sale results in the borrower agreeing to voluntarily vacate the home once the lender approves the sale.

Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

The foreclosure attorneys at Consumer Action Law Group can request a deed in lieu of foreclosure, but lenders tend not to approve these agreements and the process is lengthy.

Why You Should Always Fight a Foreclosure Sale in Court

Anyone trying to stop trustee sales should hire a foreclosure attorney to fight the notice that they have received in court. Hiring a good lawyer gives the homeowner a fighting chance, and the attorneys at Consumer Action Law Group talk to homeowners facing foreclosure for free to discuss options.

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