How Much Does It Cost to File Bankruptcy?

We handle all bankruptcy cases on a flat fee basis. That means that we charge one amount for all the work that we do on your case. The fee must be paid before we file the case with the court. When you hire our firm, our bankruptcy attorney handles all the preparation of documents and all of the court filings. Our Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney files the case electronically, and we are required to pay filing fees to the court at the time of filing. Filing fees are determined by the court and they are a standard charge: $310.00 for a Chapter 13 and $335.00 for a Chapter 7.

How Much Does It Cost to File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Our legal fees for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy are very low compared to other firms. We typically charge the lowest fees when compared to other attorneys, depending on the complexity of the case, the number of creditors, and the amount of the assets that need to be protected. The legal fee for a Chapter 7 also depends on the number of people filing, and the legal fees do not include the filing fees that must be paid to the court.

Our flat legal fees cover everything from start to finish. We handle all filings, hearings, motions and appearances for one amount. If you cannot afford to pay legal fees, payment plans are available, provided that all fees are paid prior to file for bankruptcy.

How Much Does It Cost to File Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Our legal fees for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy are also very low compared to other firms, again depending on the complexity of the case. Additional costs may be incurred in Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases and such fees would be paid through the reorganization plan and accounted for in the payment amount to the court. Adversary proceedings and motions are handled on an hourly basis in a Chapter 13, and any additional legal fees must be approved by the court and paid through a court-approved plan.

For special filings such as a Motion to Impose a Stay, or Lien Avoidance Motion [also know as a Lien Strip Motion] or for work done in opposition to creditor claims and any Motion for Relief From Stay, we always advise our clients about the work that must be done, and we always ask the court for approval to charge any additional legal fees to handle special filings when we request additional payments to be made in a plan. Payment options are also available for legal fees for Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases, with the possibility of a lower amount charged prior to the filing of the bankruptcy, and the balance of legal fees is paid after the payment plan is approved by the court.

Bankruptcy Cost and Other Items

All bankruptcy attorney fees are inclusive with the exception of the court filing fee, and the credit counseling fees. We will need to run a credit report for your bankruptcy as well, in which the fees differentiate depending on if you file as an individual or a couple. Adversary proceedings and motions are handled on an hourly basis. To know the exact cost to file bankruptcy, call us today.

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