Consumer Action Law Group Represents Antonio Garduno in Lawsuit Against Autocor Inc for Deferred Down Payments and Smog Certificate Violation

August 9, 2016, Los Angeles, CA. — Consumer Action Law Group of Panzarella, Gurevich, and Rodes, PC, and their team of auto fraud attorneys have successfully settled a claim involving their client Antonio Garduno against car dealership Autocor Inc, dba S&A Motors, dba The Car Bank, as well as their finance company, and their insurance company.

Consumer Action Law Group and their team of auto dealer fraud lawyers represented Antonio Garduno in a lawsuit against Autocor. The car dealer and their finance company and insurance company collectively sold Mr. Garduno a vehicle and failed to provide a smog certificate at the time of the sale. The car dealer also requested additional deferred down payments after the sale of the vehicle was finalized.

Mr. Garduno hired auto lawyers Consumer Action Law Group to file an auto fraud lawsuit in Superior Court of Orange County, seeking full recovery of the money he paid, including his down payment and all monthly payments made. Mr. Garduno also sought to have his finance charges waived, for the full amount of the loan balance outstanding. Attorney’s fees were claimed as well.

According to Mr. Garduno’s auto fraud attorney, Pauliana Lara, “after we filed a lawsuit and pursued our claims in litigation, the dealer agreed to compensate Mr. Garduno for auto dealer fraud and the issues brought forth and to settle all claims out of court.” Pauliana Lara and her dedicated auto fraud team entered into a complete resolution of all claims related to Mr. Garduno’s vehicle with the dealer, finance, and the insurance company.

Mr, Garduno said that he was very pleased with the result and was glad to return the vehicle to the dealer and have his case resolved. Consumer Action Law Group helps many car buyers such as Mr. Garduno to sue car dealers for auto fraud and to represent consumers who have been ripped off in scams by the car dealer.

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