Foreclosure Attorneys That Sue Lenders for Dual Tracking to Stop Foreclosure

Los Angeles, CA — 04/21/2015 — For those borrowers who have received a Notice of Trustee Sale or Notice of Default from their lender, stopping foreclosure is still possible. With the California foreclosure laws, stopping a wrongful foreclosure can be done through litigation and bankruptcy.

Foreclosure Attorney
There are several ways to stop a foreclosure from moving forward. The swiftest and most effective way is to hire a foreclosure attorney to protect against foreclosure. As soon as a borrower receives a Notice of Trustee Sale or Notice of Default, it is best to find a foreclosure attorney immediately to protect the property against a foreclosure sale.

The foreclosure attorneys at Consumer Action Law Group have successfully saved hundreds of homes from foreclosure. It doesn’t just stop at that; they have helped many borrowers to do the following:

  • Lower mortgage payments
  • Get rid of the second mortgage
  • Lower their principal balances
  • Eliminate past balances due to the lender
  • Keep their cars, homes, and other property while eliminating debt
  • Save homes from foreclosure within 1 hour of the time of sale
  • Stop the foreclosure date altogether with a court order

How to Stop Foreclosure

With several years in legal practice, Consumer Action Law Group has stopped many foreclosures and given many consumers free advice on how to stop foreclosure. Better still, their foreclosure lawyers always move very quickly to ensure that homeowners do not lose their home in foreclosure. When clients inform them about a notice of foreclosure, they act very quickly and seek protection in court. They stop wrongful foreclosure by filing suit against the lender to protect their client’s property.

The California foreclosure laws are very protective to borrowers. Lauren Rode, a senior attorney with Consumer Action Law Group stated, “No one should lose their home to foreclosure because they defaulted on payments for a temporary hardship. Often times borrowers fall behind on their mortgage payments because of unforeseen financial difficulties which result in getting a foreclosure notice.” Anyone who has missed their mortgage payment due to financial hardship has the opportunity to catch up, call the foreclosure attorney at Consumer Action Law Group for immediate help.

Borrowers can also apply for a loan modification directly with the lender for a more affordable payment. However, in the case of dual tracking – moving forward with the foreclosure process while reviewing documents for a loan modification, this is illegal.

Anyone who has to experience foreclosure due to dual tracking should immediately contact the foreclosure attorneys at Consumer Action Law Group. The foreclosure lawyers at Consumer Action Law Group seek immediate protection from the court to stop foreclosure. According to Lauren Rode, one of the foreclosure attorneys of Consumer Action Law Group: “In many cases, as soon as the lender observes that the homeowner application for the loan modification was denied, they might try to move on with the foreclosure, and we can help.”

For immediate foreclosure defense, call (818) 254-8413. Consumer Action Law Group law firm is open from 9.00 AM to 5.30 PM, Monday through Friday.

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