Foreclosure Defense Attorney in California Explains How to Stop a Trustee Sale

Consumer Action Law Group in California is a reliable foreclosure defense law firm with several experienced lawyers who help homeowners stop trustee sales and prevent homes from going to auction.

California, November 13, 2014 – California has some of the most progressive laws to help distressed homeowners, Consumer Action Law Group provides legal solutions to stop trustee sales and saves homes from going to auction.

Foreclosure Defense AttorneyVery few people are aware of the laws in California that are designed to assist homeowners who receive a notice of trustee sale. Under the foreclosure laws of California, a homeowner must receive a call from their lender to explore alternatives to foreclosure in the case of loan default. This call is often considered to be the first step in the foreclosure process, and a homeowner is left with other options to save his/her home. The attorneys of Consumer Action Law Group know how to stop a trustee sale even if a notice of trustee sale auction indicates that a sale is imminent.

Attorney Kenley Dygert of the Group has deep experience with the best legal methods to stop foreclosure. He states, “A homeowner should discuss his/her case with a law firm that has expertise in dealing with foreclosure cases. We know how to stop a trustee sale and act swiftly and legally to protect our client’s home from going to auction.” The attorneys of the Group offer free advice and the objective is to help homeowners exercise their legal rights to protect their homes. The lawyers are well-versed in the Californian foreclosure law and they devise the best legal solution to avoid a foreclosure or defer the foreclosure auction sale date.

When seeking a foreclosure defense attorney California offers laws that are very favorable for homeowners. A homeowner who is facing foreclosure should absolutely seek the best available legal assistance to stop a trustee sale auction. Consumer Action Law Group advises against hiring a loan modification attorney Los Angeles residents to have other options that are better. Homeowners in California facing foreclosure should call and talk to a lawyer for free today. Distressed homeowners can also learn more about their stop foreclosure legal solutions on the website

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