Lawyer for Foreclosure in California

In California, you can stop foreclosure by hiring an experienced lawyer for foreclosure to file a lawsuit against your lender or you can file bankruptcy. If you are looking for a solution to save your home from foreclosure, call (818) 254-8413 to talk to our experienced lawyer for foreclosure.

Common Mortgage Fraud Violations

In a mortgage fraud situation, your lender may have violated foreclosure laws once or several times during the loan modification process when dealing with your mortgage. Here are some of the most common violations lenders make:
Lawyer for Foreclosure Fraud

  • Lying about stopping foreclosure when you are being reviewed for modification
  • Sending you foreclosure notices when you already applied for loan modification
  • Giving you wrong information about options to help preserve your home, such as telling you not to get a lawyer
  • Delaying the application process or losing your documents
  • Approving you for a trial loan modification but not for a permanent modification
  • Not responding in writing or having no single point of contact

If you have faced or are facing any of these violations, then our foreclosure lawyer can help.

What Our Lawyer for Foreclosure Can Do for You

There are many things that our foreclosure lawyers can do to help you to save your home:
Lawyer for Foreclosure

  • File a lawsuit or bankruptcy to protect your home from foreclosure
  • Stop foreclosure
  • Provide legal options to save your home
  • Provide plans to catch up with your past due payments

Each case has its own unique circumstances. If you believe that you have a good case regarding fraud, the Judge may stop foreclosure. The Judge can issue an order that stops foreclosure in a pending lawsuit.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy to Save Your Home

If you are having a difficult time keeping up with mortgage payments, then call our foreclosure bankruptcy lawyer for help. A chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you keep your home and resume paying your mortgage even when behind. The payment plan is spread out over a 3-to-5 year period depending on your situation. With chapter 13, you are given more time to pay out your mortgage that accommodates to your ability to pay. If this sounds like the solution to your problem, contact our foreclosure defense lawyer.

We Are a Dedicated Law Firm for Foreclosure

Consumer Action Law Group is a law firm with foreclosure lawyers in California who dedicate their time and effort to take best actions with each individual’s cases. Our foreclosure lawyer in Los Angeles will always be open to answering any questions you might have regarding your situation. We prioritize communication to ensure that our clients receive good information and are constantly informed. This is how we differentiate ourselves from other practices.

Examples of Mortgage Fraud Cases

Shendrya v. Bank of America

Mortgage fraud CaseIn Shendrya v. Bank of America, our client had two handicapped children, and her home was altered to meet the needs of the children. Her lender promised that if her lender made payments under the trial homeowner’s assistance agreement, then she would be given a permanent homeowner’s assistance agreement which would allow her to become present on her loan. However, even after completing four of such trials, the lender did not hold up the end of his promise. Our client filed a lawsuit to enforce her rights and enforce her agreement with the lender. When the case settled, we reduced our client’s principal balance by $159,479.

Landes, Et Al. v. Seterus

In Landes, et al. v. Seterus, our client applied for a loan modification through Seterus, Inc. The loan servicer kept the sale date for foreclosure even when the client was being inspected for a first lien loan modification. After filing a lawsuit to stop foreclosure, our client acquired a temporary restraining order to prevent the servicer from continuing on with the foreclosure. In the end, our client was able to stop the process of foreclosure scheduled by the lender.

In these cases, our clients were facing unlawful actions made by their lenders. Because they reached out to our lawyers for foreclosure, we helped them protect their homes and reduce the amount of their principal balance. To read more of our successful cases, click here.

Legal Fees to Hire a Lawyer for Foreclosure

Here at our law firm, we realize that our clients facing foreclosure face financial problems. We make an effort to make our foreclosure lawyer costs reasonable. Regardless of the amount of effort we put in a month, we will only charge for a flat monthly fee.

Each case is different, and some cases will require more preparations. Even with some tougher cases, we aim to keep our prices competitive.

Talk to Our Lawyer for Foreclosure and Get Help for Free

Free Foreclosure Fraud ConsultationIf you are facing foreclosure because you cannot keep up with mortgage payments or your lender is committing mortgage fraud, do not hesitate to call our lawyers for foreclosure. Give us a call today at (818) 254-8413. The consultation is FREE!

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