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Consumer Action Law Group’s lemon law attorneys help car buyers in California and in all 50 states. Our mission is to help car buyers to take on their dealers and manufacturers when there are problems with a vehicle. We aggressively fight on behalf of our clients to get the best possible results.

You might have a lemon if:

  • Your vehicle is covered under a manufacturers warranty and repairs don’t fix the problem
  • Your vehicle has a safety defect that cannot be fixed
  • Your vehicle has been in the shop for more than 30 days

When you call our firm, you will be connected to an experienced California lemon law attorney who will give you free advice on the spot. You will know if you have a case within 5 minutes of calling our team, and we will handle all the headaches and issues that come with a Lemon car to make sure you end up with a solution that works for you.

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What Makes a Car a Lemon?

The qualifications for a vehicle to be a lemon are pretty straightforward. Here are the requirements:

  • The defect first occurred within 18 months or 18,000 miles
  • The dealer failed to repair the problem in a timely manner
  • The vehicle is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty

What makes a car a lemon is the timing of the defect and the attempts to repair the problem. As a rule, a vehicle is considered a lemon car for the following reasons:

  • 2 failed attempts to repair a safety issue [that might result in death or serious injury]
  • 4 failed attempts to repair a recurring issue [or one that “cannot be duplicated”]
  • 30 days in the shop for repairs [when added together – not consecutive per se]

If you think you have a lemon, call today and get free legal advice from our Lemon law attorney.

What Our California Lemon Law Attorney Can Do for You

In general, when a vehicle is labeled as a lemon car, the manufacturer will need to take steps to refund any money paid and to make arrangements for the vehicle to be returned. California lemon law requires either a full refund or exchange for another like-kind vehicle.

Lemon law requires the vehicle to be labeled as a lemon after failed repair attempts or too much time in the service bay. Our lemon law attorney takes swift legal action to make sure that you qualify for a Lemon buyback if you got stuck with a sour deal.

What Happens When You Win a Lemon Law Case?

When our lemon law attorneys win cases for our clients, we typically get every penny back paid by our clients, plus attorney fees. One factor to consider is the miles driven because a deduction for mileage is standard. Sometimes when our clients win a lemon law case they prefer to exchange their vehicle for another like-kind model, but it depends on the goals and the expectations of our clients.

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If your vehicle has persistent problems and the dealer either cannot or will not repair the problem; or if you think you might have gotten stuck with a lemon, call and talk to one of our experienced lemon law attorneys.

Talk to the best lemon law attorneys in Los Angeles to make sure you get the best free advice. Don’t get stuck with a lemon car, get your money back with the help of our lemon lawyers! We don’t get paid unless you get paid – so call today!!

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