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Foreclosure Attorney Los Angeles

March 11, 2016, Los Angeles, California — California has some of the strongest laws protecting borrowers from illegal lender practices. Most homeowners believe that their lenders will help them to modify their loans and prevent the borrower from losing their home. This is where illegal foreclosures usually occur, when lenders reassure borrowers that they are going to help when, in fact, they are taking steps to sell the house at auction.

In California, the foreclosure process can only begin after a homeowner falls 3 months behind in paying their mortgage. The foreclosure laws in California require the lender to contact a borrower to offer alternatives to foreclosure. Borrowers who are contacted by their lenders usually rely on the lender to help save their homes. Many borrowers believe that the lender is motivated to help save the home, which is a common mistake that leads homeowners down a path of trust and reliance on the lender to help stop foreclosure.

It is usually in a period of extreme difficulty and hardship that the majority of homeowners get a notice of foreclosure. Borrowers who are afraid of losing their homes will do anything the lender tells them to do. That is when many problems arise. Instead of accepting the advice of the lender, borrowers should seek the help of a foreclosure attorney to save their property. An experienced foreclosure lawyer can stop a foreclosure.

Anyone who has received a notice of foreclosure should call the foreclosure lawyers at Consumer Action Law Group to explore legal options. Lawyers at the firm understand the best strategies to pursue a case and apply the law in the case of an illegal foreclosure.

A strong case is necessary to prevail against a lender. Looking for violations such as breach of contract (where a lender initially approved a modification and then canceled or rescinded on the offer), negligence (where the lender continually loses emails and faxes), and dual tracking (where a lender forecloses when they are saying they are reviewing a modification) are also necessary to determine whether a homeowner has a good case.

Some of the common strategies to stop a foreclosure sale include:

  • Litigation: filing a lawsuit based on illegal practices.
  • Filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy or Chapter 7 bankruptcy will stop foreclosure immediately.
  • Loan modification: here in California, a foreclosure will usually be delayed until a decision for approval or denial of a modification is given by a lender.
  • Short sale: foreclosure is usually delayed pending a decision by the lender to either deny or approve a short sale application.
  • Deed in lieu of foreclosure: similar to the short sale process, the foreclosure is delayed pending a decision by the lender.

A strong mortgage foreclosure attorney can help a homeowner facing the possible loss of their home. When a lender is violating the law a borrower should take legal action to save the home.

Call now for a free consultation with an experienced foreclosure attorney. Taking action is the key to stopping foreclosure. Talking to the best foreclosure attorney Los Angeles has to offer is strongly suggested. Call Consumer Action Law Group at 818-254-8413 for free advice to stop foreclosure and save a home today.

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