Mortgage Foreclosure Attorneys & Lawyers for Mortgage Fraud

Our mortgage foreclosure Attorneys can stop foreclosure and save your home. Call us now for immediate help!

Talk to Our Mortgage Foreclosure Attorneys Now If This Happened to You…

  • You fell behind on mortgage payments and your lender is giving you misleading information about your options to save your home
  • You have applied for a loan modification and your lender is sending you foreclosure notices at the same time
  • Your lender lied to you about stopping foreclosure while you were being reviewed for a modification.

Many homeowners find themselves in the foreclosure process, whether they just received a Notice of Default from their lender or just received a Notice of Sale with an auction date scheduled in the next couple of weeks; our mortgage foreclosure attorney can save your home and stop a foreclosure sale date immediately.

mortgage foreclosure attorney Our Mortgage Foreclosure Attorneys Can Help You:

  • Save your home from foreclosure
  • Stop the foreclosure process while you are in review for a modification
  • Discuss other options for saving the home or enter into a payment plan to catch up

We are leading mortgage foreclosure attorneys and lawyers of Los Angeles, California. If you have a sale date and looking for help to stop a foreclosure sale, you need to find the right law firm. We stop foreclosure sale immediately, in as little as 5 minutes flat!

Our Foreclosure Attorney Stop Foreclosure Immediately

As soon as you receive a notice of trustee sale or a notice of default consult with our foreclosure attorney immediately. We have helped homeowners stop foreclosure in as little as 5 minutes flat. Consult with our attorneys immediately if you have received a notice of default or notice of trustee sale. The consultation is FREE.

Get the Best Foreclosure Defense Options Today

Each of the foreclosure options has its benefits and pitfalls. Our mortgage attorneys will present both the pros and cons of each option that are pertinent to your particular situation.

  • File a lawsuit to stop wrongful foreclosure: our foreclosure lawyers will evaluate your case to see if your lender violates illegal acts and violations of the California foreclosure laws.
  • File bankruptcy, Chapter 13 bankruptcy or Chapter 7 bankruptcy will stop foreclosure. Our bankruptcy attorneys can help you eliminate debt while securing your assets such as cars and your home after you receive a notice of default or a notice of trustee sale.
  • Apply for a short sale to delay the foreclosure and sell the house with the lender’s approval.
  • Request a deed in lieu of foreclosure to stop the foreclosure by transferring interest in the property back to the lender.

We have stopped foreclosure in as little as five minutes. If you are facing foreclosure or have fallen behind on mortgage payments, our foreclosure attorney can help you stop the foreclosure process and save your home.

Our Mortgage Foreclosure Lawyers Sue Mortgage Lenders for Illegal Foreclosure and Mortgage Fraud

mortgage foreclosure AttorneysIf you are facing Illegal foreclosure or mortgage fraud, our mortgage foreclosure lawyers can help to file a lawsuit. Our foreclosure lawyers have successfully stopped many foreclosures fraud for owners who have their homes foreclosed wrongfully or illegally by the lender.

If we find evidence that you are facing wrongful foreclosure, our mortgage foreclosure attorney will file a mortgage lawsuit against the lender to save your home. Through mortgage litigation, the foreclosure sale will usually be postponed and the settlements often result in an offer to reinstate the loan and lower mortgage payments.

Our mortgage foreclosure lawyers have successfully stopped hundreds of foreclosures by filing mortgage lawsuits against the lender. If you have a foreclosure fraud case, call our mortgage foreclosure attorney for immediate help.

We stop foreclosure and save homes! The call is free, the legal advice is free, and the help from our mortgage foreclosure attorneys will save your home! For immediate foreclosure help call (818) 254-8413 – receive your free case evaluation today!

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