Experienced Real Estate Lawyers Can Save Homes from Foreclosure

Foreclosures are being stopped every day in California with the help of the dedicated attorneys at Consumer Action Law Group.

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December 8, 2015, Los Angeles, California — Foreclosure is still a very real problem for many families in California. Many people rely on their lenders to offer loan modifications in order to resolve their foreclosure issues. Relying on the lender for help tends to be arbitrary, and most lenders will put their clients in a weak bargaining position.

Fortunately, loan modifications are not the only option to protect a house from foreclosure. An experienced real estate lawyer for foreclosure is typically a more reliable solution for the foreclosure issues that homeowners face in Los Angeles, and throughout California.

Californian homeowners have a variety of options when it comes to saving their house and stopping the foreclosure process. Consumer Action Law Group is California’s premier foreclosure attorney Los Angeles-based, with active lawsuits in the entire state of California. Partner Lauren Rode advises: “when a person’s home is at stake, filing a lawsuit seems like a much better solution than relying on a loan modification from a lender.”

The foreclosure attorneys at Consumer Action Law Group are very familiar with mortgage issues and they advise their clients about legal options and any alternatives to foreclosure before recommending legal action. “Hiring real estate lawyers for foreclosure matters is usually the best option for homeowners faced with losing their home.” According to Lauren Rode, who handles foreclosure matters at Consumer Action Law Group, “our lawyers are committed to clients fighting to save their homes. Our foreclosure lawyers stop the foreclosure process, and we are more likely to survive the fight against the lender than a homeowner going it alone.”

A real estate lawyer for foreclosure issues can be very effective in stopping a sale by filing bankruptcy or through litigation. When seeking a foreclosure lawyer Los Angeles is home to Consumer Action Law Group. Their attorneys offer options to fight back foreclosure. In addition to litigation, bankruptcy is often a very effective solution for stopping foreclosure.

Bankruptcy stops the foreclosure process immediately and protects the homeowner’s assets. Taking action is the key to stopping foreclosure. Talking to the best foreclosure attorney Los Angeles is strongly suggested to stop foreclosure.

Anyone who lives in California can Call 818-254-8413 or visit http://ConsumerActionLawGroup.com for free advice to stop foreclosure and save a home today.

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