How to Stop a Foreclosure Sale Date – Legal Ways to Stop Foreclosure

Struggling homeowners can stop foreclosure in California by hiring an experienced foreclosure attorney to file a lawsuit or by filing bankruptcy. Call us today for legal ways to stop a foreclosure sale date.

Los Angeles, CA November 18, 2015 — The Miller family has been struggling since Mr. Miller lost his job a few months ago. They have been collecting unemployment along with his wife’s job, but it just hasn’t been enough to cover all the bills and they have found themselves falling behind on their house payment. The Millers applied for a modification, and the lender is reviewing their application.

Mr. Miller just got the call from a company he interviewed with last week. They have offered him the job and they would like him to start next week. This is good news, or at least it should be. Unfortunately, they also just received a Notice of Foreclosure. They are now four months behind on their mortgage payments, and their lender wants them to pay all of the missed payments at once to get caught up.

Because the Miller’s live in California, what they need to do is seek out a foreclosure attorney to help stop the foreclosure. In the state of California, the foreclosure law SB900 helps save a home from an illegal foreclosure. The foreclosure law SB900 requires that lenders must give at least three months’ notice of their intent to foreclose on a home and give the borrower (homeowner) the time to seek out information on foreclosure prevention alternative. This State Bill was created with the intent to stop illegal foreclosures as well as give homeowner’s in danger of default the time to pursue options to prevent losing their homes. The law also prevents “dual tracking” making it illegal for a lender to foreclose while reviewing a request for a modification.

Foreclosure Attorney Can Save Homes and Stop a Foreclosure Sale Date

Most homeowners are not aware of their options or the ways the California foreclosure laws can help them keep their homes. That is where finding and hiring a good foreclosure lawyer becomes extremely important. A foreclosure attorney knows the law and knows how to prevent a mortgage company from foreclosing illegally on a borrower without first giving proper notice. It’s also important because a lawyer has the knowledge and understanding of what constitutes an illegal foreclosure. Hiring a foreclosure lawyer is the most effective way to stop a foreclosure. They are able to explain how to a stop foreclosure sale date and give the homeowner time to work out an alternative; especially in a case where the homeowner will soon be gainfully employed and have the means to get caught up with their mortgage payments.

File Bankruptcy Can Stop a Foreclosure Sale Date

How to Stop a Foreclosure Sale DateEven if Mr. Miller wasn’t assured a job next week, filing for bankruptcy is another option to gaining more time to find foreclosure alternatives and stop the foreclosure. The foreclosure is immediately stopped as soon as homeowners file a bankruptcy petition. Filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy can delay a foreclosure by a few months, and filing for a Chapter 13 will stop the foreclosure from happening as long as the repayment plan is in effect. Bankruptcy options require the experience of a good foreclosure attorney. Homeowners have more options than they may know, and retaining a foreclosure lawyer is usually the best way to stop foreclosure and make sure the lender does not move forward with an illegal foreclosure.

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