We Help Stop Foreclosure

Facing a foreclosure is frightening. It can cause panic if you don’t know where to turn to for help. Complicated legal jargon only makes the process worse. Fortunately, you can call our foreclosure attorney to stop foreclosure sale and move on with your life. Although we always recommend hiring a foreclosure attorney when facing foreclosure, there are particular situations that make doing so even more urgent.

How to Stop a Foreclosure

SB900 violations take place frequently in California, and protecting yourself from legal trouble is imperative to save your home and your credit. There are several options available to help stop foreclosure. These include seeking an injunction, filing a lis pendens, or even filing for bankruptcy. Depending upon your situation, a lawyer will likely choose one of the above options to help you stop your foreclosure and prevent from you from suffering further financial harm.

However, if you are trying to determine whether or not you need to work with a lawyer there are a few red flags you should consider. The first step in identifying red flags is by understanding Dual Tracking. Dual tracking involves not assigning a single point of contact for the lender. Why is this important? Simply because you have the right to work with your lender in determining how or if a foreclosure should take place.

Additionally, lenders may refuse to give written confirmations and updates regarding your foreclosure. This is a blatant disregard for the law and the agreements set forth by the government for foreclosures. Any lender who refuses to assist buyers is subject to the full punishment of the law.

Many lenders also take advantage of a borrower’s ignorance by failing to adhere to the legal requirements in California foreclosure law. This leaves borrowers confused with nowhere to turn to for help. It can also cause serious problems within the foreclosure itself. For example, without updates and proper communication incorrect paperwork can be filed and cause problems with the proceedings.

Hire Our Foreclosure Attorney For Immediate Foreclosure Help

Despite all of the problems that you may run into during a foreclosure, there is help available. Our foreclosure attorneys understand the legal proceedings for foreclosures, and will work personally with you to stop foreclosure from occurring.

One phone call to us can prevent you from having to experience a whole host of issues surrounding your foreclosure. Your lender has a team of attorneys working with them. Shouldn’t you at least have one on your side? When you hire one of our lawyers, you can move forward in confidence knowing that the experts are on your side.

If you want to stop a trustee sale and need help, then look no further. Our attorneys are here to help you. We have the understanding and experience to help you win your case and get back on the right financial track. The law is confusing, but it does not have to be when you hire one of our attorneys.

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