STOP Notice of Trustee Sale and the Ocwen Foreclosure Process today by Filing a Lawsuit or Filing Bankruptcy

Consumer Action Law Group helps homeowners who are facing foreclosure. The litigation attorneys of the firm sue Ocwen and other lenders to immediately stop foreclosure sales.

California, October 29, 2014 — Ocwen is one of the largest mortgage servicing firms in the USA. Many homeowners are serviced by Ocwen now that Bank of America has transferred most of their loans for outside servicing. Borrowers who are facing foreclosure can now receive the best legal remedies from Consumer Action Law Group to help save their homes. A team of lawyers and paralegals files lawsuits every day to stop foreclosure sales and to safeguard homes.

Stop Notice of TrusteeOver the past several years, a number of loans have been transferred to Ocwen from Bank of America and other lenders for servicing. Recently, Ocwen foreclosures have increased and extensive loan misconduct has been revealed. Consumer Action Law Group has taken several cases to court against Ocwen to help the victims of foreclosure misconduct and to prevent borrowers from losing their homes. The experienced lawyers of the firm go through the detailed terms and conditions of the mortgage loans to find violations of California statutes and laws that protect against a foreclosure sale.

Lauren Rode, one of the partners of the firm states, “As soon as someone is served with a notice of trustee sale, they should get in touch with us. We hold Ocwen accountable to follow the legal process. We stop the foreclosure sale immediately and investigate the loan to find out the legal remedies for the client.” According to Lauren Rode, a foreclosure sale notice doesn’t mean that one will lose their home it means they need to take quick and decisive action.

Consumer Action Law Group has helped hundreds of people in California to successfully protect their homes. The experienced legal team will prepare a lawsuit or file for bankruptcy so that a borrower can protect their home with the application of the law. More importantly, the lawyers of the firm provide free bankruptcy advice to anyone who is facing foreclosure. One can learn from the legal team about the many ways of avoiding foreclosure to save their homes.

With their bankruptcy advice free, consumers can explore the avenues of avoiding an Ocwen Foreclosure. Consumer Action Law Group believes that the law provides everyone with an opportunity to protect their assets. For free advice regarding bankruptcy or for filing a lawsuit, call 818 254 8413 or go online to chat with the attorneys at

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