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Were You Scammed by the Car Dealer?

Car Salesmen have a bad reputation for honest sales. Dealerships are known for using sales tricks to scam consumers’ money for years. They sell cars with frame damage, prior accidents, and even vehicles that have been totaled just to get more money. Not only does dealer fraud cost you money, but it could leave you driving an unsafe vehicle. Our goal is to help you return the damage ca or cancel the contract and get your money back.

Auto Fraud Case Process

Our auto fraud attorneys can help you cancel your contract with the dealership and get your money back. We offer free legal consultations to learn about your case and determine what steps need to be taken in order to resolve the issue. We handle auto fraud cases on a contingency fee basis, which means very little is required from you to file the case. Call our law firm today and speak with our experienced auto fraud lawyer that will guide you through the process.

Cancel the Contract and Get Your Money

We know that you just want to get your money back from the dealership so that you can buy a more reliable car or a new one elsewhere. Our auto attorneys and staff will represent you and contact the car dealer on your behalf to get your money back, return the car or cancel the contract. Time is of the essence in auto fraud cases, so the sooner you call us and have our attorneys evaluate your case, the better you will be; cancel the contract/return the car and get your money back. Free case evaluation!

“I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for taking care of me and to let you know that you did a stellar job! Your bedside manner was refreshing. I received the check!” – Ric M.

“My experience was nothing short of exemplary — they represented me against a large auto dealership and put a lot of effort into getting me twice as much as expected. They know what they are doing and do it well.” – Todd R

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About Consumer Action Law Group

Our attorneys are dedicated to helping consumers in Southern California fight dealer fraud through aggressive and ethical legal means. The experienced team of auto fraud lawyers has been able to successfully file lawsuits against dealerships in California that have scammed our clients out of their hard-earned money. We accept auto dealer fraud cases on a contingency basis – meaning very little is required from you to file the case.

Consumer Action Law group will help you fight to get your money back for violations. Each attorney here takes pride in helping make our firm the best auto dealer fraud legal option for consumers in Los Angeles.

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