Foreclosure Attorneys that Specialize in Foreclosure Defense

For those facing foreclosure in California there are very strong laws in place to help protect borrowers against illegal lender practices. Although many home owners believe that their lenders will help them avoid the loss of their home, illegal foreclosures often happen while lenders are telling borrowers that they are trying to help. In California, the foreclosure process cannot start until a lender contacts a home owner after they fall behind on their mortgage payments. Commonly, many homeowners get a notice of foreclosure in a time of extreme difficulty; after a job loss or after an accident. Many people facing foreclosure feel confused about what to do. Of course, most people don’t want to lose their home.

The most common mistake made by home owners is taking the advice of the lender instead of asking for help from a foreclosure attorney who can save your home. Foreclosure defense is available to home owners who want to save their home in California. In many cases, it is possible to stop a foreclosure with the help of an experienced lawyer dedicated to foreclosure.

For those facing foreclosure, call us and our foreclosure attorney will evaluate your case.

Our foreclosure attorneys can make a decision about what strategy is best to pursue. Our experienced foreclosure attorney will apply the law to the facts in the case.

To prevail against the lender a strong case is very important. In order to determine if homeowners have a good case, it’s necessary to look for violations such as dual tracking [when the lender forecloses while saying they are reviewing a modification] and negligence [when the lender keeps losing faxes and emails] and breach of contract [when the lender approves a modification and later cancels or rescinds the offer].

To stop foreclosure, some of the more common strategies follow:

  • Litigation: One way to stop the foreclosure is filing a lawsuit based on illegal practices.
  • Bankruptcy: The attorney will stop foreclosure immediately by filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy or 13 bankruptcy.
  • Loan modification: Foreclosure in California is usually delayed until the lender gives the decision whether the modification is approved or denied.
  • Short sale: This usually delays foreclosure pending the decision whether the lender will approve or deny the application of short sale.
  • Deed in lieu of foreclosure. The foreclosure is usually delayed [similar to the short sale process] pending the time when the lender gives the decision.

For anyone facing the loss of their home, a strong foreclosure lawyer will help to solve the problem. You don’t have to be afraid about losing your home if the lender is violating the law. Call today and talk to our experienced foreclosure defense attorney for free. We will evaluate your case and provide options to stop your foreclosure sale before hiring.

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