Foreclosure Process in California

If you have received a Notice of Trustee Sale or Notice of Default, then you are officially in the foreclosure process. What that means is you must either come up with the funds to pay the arrears and catch up to avoid foreclosure, or the lender will take action to sell your house in a public auction.

If you have fallen behind on mortgage payments it is really a good idea to talk to one of the foreclosure lawyers at our Los Angeles law firm to get advice regarding options to save the home before you decide to give up or walk away. If you do not feel that you are able to catch up, hiring a foreclosure lawyer will usually keep you in your house longer than trying to work with the lender by yourself.

The most common mistake that a borrower makes is relying on the lender to help save the home. Lenders have to comply with strict laws in California that require very specific actions before they can foreclose.

Under the laws in California, lenders are required to offer assistance to borrowers who have fallen behind on mortgage payments. However, many lenders tell borrowers that they will offer assistance, and the foreclosure process continues to move forward at the same time, like a locomotive on a parallel track. When a lender offers to help avoid foreclosure and still moves forward with the foreclosure process, it is illegal and is considered to be a dual tracking violation.

The lender must strictly follow the law step by step during the foreclosure process in California. Foreclosure sales are scheduled with strict timelines and statutes that protect homeowners from illegal sales. The auction is conducted in a public setting with the notice of trustee sale listing the time and date and the address.

Foreclosure Laws

There has been a lot of publicity about government foreclosure help. Recently, California took action to protect homeowners from illegal foreclosure. Our foreclosure attorney has been filing lawsuits in Los Angeles, California and throughout the state based on foreclosure laws that protect the homeowner.

We have a team of foreclosure attorneys that work very hard to help you keep your home and get your credit back on track. If you are facing foreclosure, our foreclosure lawyers will talk to you for free and discuss your options to help you save your home.

Our Attorney Help Stop Foreclosure

Our attorneys are very familiar with foreclosure laws and procedures and we help to stop foreclosure sales every day. Our foreclosure lawyers file lawsuits for homeowners who have been wrongfully denied hardship assistance and the opportunity to save their home. If you have been denied for a loan modification and you can afford to keep your home and make lower mortgage payments, you should call and schedule a meeting with the preeminent California lawyers in the field of foreclosure law.

Call us now to schedule a free consultation with our foreclosure lawyer today. Call before it is too late and your home is sold at auction!

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